With college football starting this week, the Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is best of SI.com Cheerleader of the Week.

A Lacey (Texas) sort of morning.

John at GPN has  what we learned against the Chiefs in the final preseason game .

Total Packers also has some observations from the Packers vs Chiefs match-up .

Aaron at CHTV has his take on the Packers final 53 man roster .

4th & 26 lets’s us know that Green Bay will go 13-3 this year, and this is how it will happen .

BadgerFans.com with a preview of the upcoming Badgers @ UNLV game .

B5Q and their Official Wisconsin Badgers Season Predictions.

BrentFavre.com venturing into college football with a shakedown of the Big Ten shakeup & new conference divisions .

Many of you will be having your Fantasy Football drafts this weekend so Ol’ Bag of Donuts has some drafting strategy help .

Some more fantasy help for you: 5 Fantasy Players To Keep Your Eye On .

The Most Irritating Characters From Otherwise Great Movies , those stupid kids ruined Jurassic Park for me.

Have no use for, desperately want: A Heat-Seeking, Automated Nerf Sentry Gun .

Five Careers That Would Be Way Better For Matt Leinart …I personally like ‘The Dude Who Gets Teenagers Beer’ .

Colleges with the hottest sports fans …how could I not post this?

Hmmm, guilty of more than a couple of these in the past: 7 ways to ruin your relationship without realizing you’re doing it .

Lacey’s full SI.com Cheerleader of the Week Gallery

Blech  – You can say all you want about how important the 4th preseason game is for NFL teams as it gives them an opportunity to lock in those last spots.  I won’t dispute that point, but for fans wow is it a stinker.  Last night was a great testament to that as not even KC fans showed up to Arrowhead to watch the game.  I found myself more engaged watching watching the college games that were on because, you know, they counted for something.  Up until last night I really didn’t have an opinion on the whole 18 game NFL schedule, but if it will help not subject us to meaningless contests like last night perhaps it isn’t that bad of an idea.

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