With college football starting this week, the Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is best of SI.com Cheerleader of the Week.

A Vanessa (Florida International University) sort of morning.

Aaron is saying Sam Shields should get the nod in the Packers Nickel .

The Packer Ranter has been Thwarted!

C.D. has more on yesterdays DD poster boy, stating that Chery Sums Up Crux of Special Teams’ Issues .

Packer Update is predicting the final 53 .

Ol Bag of Donuts with underreported Packer storylines for the 2010 season .

A preview of the upcoming Badgers vs UNLV game on Saturday .

Disciples of Uecker in worthy praise of Brewers CF Lorenzo Cain .

Bucks fans shouldn’t hold out hope that there will be a trade for Carmelo Anthony .

In case you haven’t drafted your Fantasy Team yet, here is a Fantasy Preview on Quarterback Rankings .

Perhaps the most useful link today – 10 Ways To Kill Time Till The NFL Season Starts .

Anti-Pornography Billboards …um…pretty sure that’s not how John 3:3 reads in that last one.  Bonus: #5 is sponsored by the Pulaski Christian Ministerial Alliance which after further review turns out to be Pulaski County, Missouri and not Polka Capital of the Midwest Pulaski, Wisconsin. 

Good to see Kurt Warner still finding ‘work’ – Season 11 Dancing with the Stars Cast .

As any Daybreak Doppler frequent reader will know, I despise the Vikings.  I do not feel the same way however about the Vikings Cheerleaders .

Vanessa’s full SI.com Cheerleader of the Week Gallery

Here’s a Pup, There’s a Pup  – The Packers made their first roster cuts to get down to 75 by not cutting anyone, basically moving 5 players to either the PUP or IR list. Perhaps the big one is moving Al Harris to that list which will keep him out until at least week 6.  I’m going to echo the sentiments of many in that putting Harris on this list was a wise move.  In the first 6 weeks of the season the Packers play teams which the at the very least the offense should be able to off-set any deficiency the defense may cause.  Starting with Week 7 there are 4 tough games against the Vikings, the Jets, the Cowboys and then the Vikings again.  I would rather have a fully rested, fully healed Al Harris for that stretch and beyond then a gimpy and perhaps even absent one had the decision been made to let him play before then.

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