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Let’s get down to business right away. We all know the cuts are coming, and like every other year before, they always end up with some people who are right there on the bubble. They are so good, management cannot let them go easily and try to pass them through waivers because they know another team will snatch them up.

Its one of the hardest things to do for a general manager. One day you score a excellent 90 yard kickoff return, and the next you get cut because the roster for wide receiver is stacked. It is even harder this year because there are a lot of quality Packers that don’t deserve to get sent to the practice squad but have to because of roster limitations.

Another facet of this year’s hardship in decision-making is that Ted Thompson may have found a few gems in the rookie free agency rather than the draft itself, which has been Ted’s wrongdoing in terms of the disbelievers still hanging on Favre’s lubricated ankle.

University of Miami Florida

The U - 99% Football and 1% Academics

Sam Shields – I love Sammy. Not because he is fast, but because he came from the U. Why do I love the U? It is a highly notorious football cesspool. Wisconsin breeds Beef. Ohio breeds Grit. Texas builds Toughness. Southern California builds Sports Agents. Florida builds Speed. Forget the 4.2 – 40. He has shown already to jump routes, something Pat Lee is not doing. He is going to make the team, and who knows maybe one day we will hear this on Sunday Night Football, “SAM SHIELDS – THE U”.

Frank Zombo – I admit I have a man crush on him. He reminds me so much of Aaron Kampman’s drive to overpower the lard. Sure the scouts are saying he is nothing more than a backup but then again I’m sure its easy to find someone to play a position in a NFL team.

Ted Thompson

This guy is a expert at Punters

He is going to make the team as well and I hope to see him be the other pass rushing option on the linebacking core. Plus I think the real reason, and the most obvious is that his name itself is very football-ish. Zombo. Kinda like Larry Csonka. Like Shields I hope he does well on the football team.

Tom Crabtree – Ok, Ok. He is not a ROOKIE. But he is a free agent that has cought on fire recently and may evaluate management to consider trading Donald Lee. Crabtree is the opposite TE of a Finley. He is a pure blocker, which is awesome in its own right. A blocking TE is needed heavily in the goaline situations.  Plus, a TE can be a Fullback as well which could put Quinn Johnson out on a trade. I think its necessary to at least keep this guy because we need a TE with some blocking skills. Finley, for all he is worth right now, is not a blocker he is a athlete.


Also called a Handegg in England...

Jason Chery  - Not a rookie as well, but Thursday is his judgement day. Until last week I didn’t care about him. He didn’t do nothing to impress anyone to give him time, and when he finally got his chance. Well he caught the ball from a punt! Oh yeah, and he took it 76 yards to the endzone with great vision. Blackmon’s knee might be fubar’d and Sam Shields is not that good of a returner but a CB with talent. Jordy is generic in the NFL and Brandon Jackson has fumble problems. If Chery takes one to the house, then I say he makes the team because it seems like no one can handle the football.

Tim Masthay – Timmy I think won the battle last week over Bryan. Not to mention he can be the reserve kickoff man and hold the ball. (NO MORE EXCUSES CROSBY!) So im sure Bryan will get picked up by some team… probably the Vikings aka Green Bay West. Still Tim is no Kapinos, and maybe our Special Teams wont suck this year.

These 5 have the best shot from the undrafted, to make the 53 squad. They will have earned it if they do. If the Packers want to make it to Dallas, they will need all 53 players to be at their best. Its very easy one day to be unchallenged on the roster for the starting job and then next thing a lineman rolls over your ankle and your knee tweeks. The final Packer game is upon us before the regular season begins against a Donovan McNabb-less Eagles.

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  • WoodyG

    Go ahead …… Trade Donald Lee …… If Finley should happen to go down early (it happens), then our TEs are an ILB, a rookie & a blocker ……A position of strength suddenly is a liability …… The TE position is strong because of Finley AND Lee, not the other three ………..

  • Asshalo

    Didn’t know you had your own place Bacon. Since I won’t be able to find you in the Lounge’s chatroom, I guess I’ll have to visit here.

    I agree on the five standouts, especially Crabtree. I was wondering why the coaches had been giving him so much attention and he definitely showed why against Indy. Lee is probably a better tight end right now, but Crabtree can contribute just as well as a back-up and on special teams (and he costs much less too).