This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss Universe 2010.

A Mariana Paola Vicente (Puerto Rico) sort of morning.

From Brian at CHTV we learned that all the Packers QB’s had outstanding play .

From John at GPN we learned that Brandon Underwood is a target, Finley will be a Pro Bowler & Sam Sheilds may have a roster spot .

From Packer Net we learned that the Defense & Special Teams looked the best they have all Preseason .

From Monty at Total Packers we learned that Aaron Rodgers is a stud .

As memorable as the Packers game was last night, the Brewers game yesterday afternoon was as forgettable.  So was the entire series as the Dodgers swept the Brewers in Miller Park .

I’m with Jack here in that I too am excited to see Chris Capuano return to the starting rotation , if for no other reason it means Manny Parra won’t be starting.

Bucky’s 5th Quarter is wondering if a breakup with Iowa could benefit Wisconsin .

Anonymous Eagle has a Best Case/Worst Case for Marquette in 2010/2011 .

Via the @Sconnie Twitter Feed – Beer Goggles, advantage men .

The 33 Most Underrated Work Out Songs …um…Eye of the Tiger? Just have to unpack my headbands and leg warmers to hit the treadmill for that one.

It’s been awhile since I was in college (college…hmmm…I miss college) but these 5 Things the College Admissions Office Doesn’t Tell You were just as true back then as they are now.

This link may actually be useful for some: An Idiot’s Guide to Choosing Wine for Dinner .

Little hard to argue with any of these: 5 Reasons To Hate Today’s Professional Athlete .

Irina Shayk in GQ… in lingerie .

Reviewing my 3 for Preseason 3  – Let’s take a look at my 3 for preseason 3 items from yesterday.

  1. Stop or at least hinder a legitimate QB with a good WR corp – I’m gonna say sort of for this one.  While the Colts first drive was horrendous the rest of the defensive starter’s time was relatively solid & we finally saw some push from the D-line.  We also saw some of that vaunted ‘play-making ability’ from rookie safety Morgan Burnett as well.
  2. Continued Crosby Competency – Crosby didn’t really get much of a chance here but the one FG he was called upon he made and…um…no missed extra points?
  3. Don’t Suck Slocum – Special teams was better but then there really wasn’t anywhere to go but up.  I think we all know this will be a thorn in the side of the Packers & Packers fans so we’ll have to live with what we have.

All in all it was an entertaining game and as I have said all along, we may be in for quite a few shootouts this season, especially against better teams. 

Thanks for sticking around this week, enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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