This week’s esteemed guest is C.D. Angeli from and Cheesehead Radio , a true double threat and talent.  Just like Reggie Bush but with more integrity. C.D. has been haunting the Packers blogsphere even before there were blogs so let’s get some answers from him. has been around now for quite a while.  Tell us how you got started.

Actually, I was a forum rat at, where I used to write some pretty epic posts.  When PC had some errors and those posts (and all the research with it) were lost in a cyber-black hole, I decided to create a safe “repository” for my past articles.  TundraVision was born in 2007, and as I got to know the incredible Packer blogging community, I decided to focus my efforts on blog writing from that point on.

One of your new projects this year is Cheesehead Radio, which you were kind enough to have me on as a guest a few weeks back. Where did the idea for come from?

And, we were honored to have you aboard!  I’ve had an itch to do a podcast for a long time, but didn’t like the idea of doing it on my own.  Working with the guys at CheeseheadTV was a tremendous lift and introduced me to some very bright and passionate Packer writers.  I gave Holly, Al, and Alex a call and they were excited to be a part of it, though none of us besides Alex had ever done any voice work.  That’s made it a really rewarding building experience, as many of us have been learning on the job.  Having you on the show was a part of one of our goals:  to bring in members of the Packer Blogosphere and get to know everyone a little better.

Working with Jersey Al, Holly Phelps & Alex Tallitsch must be fun. Do you have a pre-production ‘meeting’ each week or do you just sort of wing it?

We’ve fallen into our own responsibilities in helping set up the script as we go through the week leading up to the show.  When we get together for our weekly pre-show meeting, we find we’re spending less time talking shop about the script as we are chatting about the Packers in general or catching up with what’s going on in each other’s lives.  We really envisioned the show as being four friends and Packer fans sitting around a bar table talking about their favorite team, and that’s genuinely what you get when you hear the show.  I consider myself very lucky to be working with three talented bloggers and fantastic human beings…we’re all very different and bring something unique to the table. 

What’s easier, coming up with ideas for Blog Posts or ideas for the weekly Radio show?

Lately, it’s finding the time and energy for both!  We all have our real lives and finding time for a blog post is something you have to budget into the schedule…adding the radio show just spreads you out a little thinner, too.  The show, though, is becoming easier and easier because all the hosts contribute to the final product.  Finding the time to take big ideas bouncing around in your head and get it on paper (in-between Tweeting during the day) is probably the more difficult of the two (mostly because I don’t write short articles).

We have two preseason games under our belt now.  What is the most encouraging thing you’ve seen from these games.

Well, the obvious answer is Aaron Rodgers and the receivers, but I’m going to say how impressed I was with Brandon Jackson this past week.  We’ve spent too much time making Ryan Grant the feature/only back that gets such a high percentage of the carries, when we know that having two or three backs that share the load is far more ideal.  Jackson really seemed to be making better and quicker decisions running in space and in utilizing his blockers.  Having Jackson come of age is only going to help this offense the potent, record-breaking unit it should be.

Conversely, what is the most discouraging thing you’ve see from the preseason action to date.

Like most, I’m going to have to say special teams.  I think the excuses have run out, and even Mike McCarthy is starting to look a little impatient with the backwards steps the special teams are making.  More than anywhere else on a football team, special teams are all about fundamentals and execution.  It’s always the same:  snap, hold, kick; or field the kickoff, set up the wedge, and make your blocks.  There’s no formation changes, no play-action, no disguising coverages.  You don’t have the chess match like the offense and defense do.  The breakdown on special teams is a breakdown of the most basic skills football players need to have, and that puts the bullseye squarely on the coach.

What’s your favorite/most interesting story to come out of this year’s Packers Training Camp.

Quite frankly, it’s been being able to “be at camp” without being there.  Between CHTV’s live blog and having so many journalists and fans like Brian Carriveau there Tweeting everything going on (and the players tweeting themselves before and afterwards), each practice is attended by thousands more than just those sitting in the stands.  The Packers still stand as being perhaps the most accessible team in the NFL during training camp, from the bikes to the free admission to sit in the stands, but add to it the digital connection provided by those willing to pioneer it.  Kudos to Corey Behnke who really set the mold that most mainstream media outlets are now just trying to copy.

We’ll throw a Favre question in here seeing as you’ve commented on the topic recently.  At what point do you think Packer Fans, not Favre fans, may start to forgive and welcome him back into the fold?

Who hasn’t commented on him recently?  As a former Favre fanatic, I really find what he’s done these past few years to be alienating to Packer fans.  He really comes off as self-absorbed, above the rules, and manipulative, and I think he’d be having a rough time keeping his fan base even if he were still a Packer.  I do honestly believe that time heals all wounds, as we’ve seen with Mark Chmura being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.  This will eventually happen with Favre, but I think it is going to take a lot longer than what it took for Chmura.  Both Favre and Packer fans have too much pride to immediately put everything behind them after he finally retires in 2027. 

Would you consider this upcoming Packers season a failure if they don’t at least get into the second round of the playoffs?

Personally, no, I wouldn’t consider it a failure, but I know the prevailing sentiment out there is Super Bowl or Die.  It would be a disappointment.  I always tend to try and keep a level head about things, especially at the beginning of the season.  I’ve only predicted 11-5 this year, but I think we’ll sweep and finish ahead of the Vikings.  It’s that fervent passion that has most fans excited for the best, but looking objectively at this team, they still have some things to clean up before we can look at a deep playoff run as a sure thing.  That stated, I think we’ll host a playoff game and win it, but after that it will be depend on how our special teams and defense has improved over the course of the season.

We’ll flip our ‘mentor question’ around this week a bit.  What’s the one thing a blogger shouldn’t do in regards to growing and maintaining their blog?

I really think bloggers have changed the face of sports media…we’re allowed to be biased and fans of our team in our writing, unlike most journalists.  I think that bloggers are passionate about their team and enjoy writing about them.  While generating some ad revenue, friendly competition, and disagreements all have their place, it’s when bloggers lose that focus and become more concerned about other things than actually enjoying the game we all love that it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities.  I’ve been guilty of that in the past, and it’s a hard lessson.  In the end, we’re all one of those 72,928 fans sitting in the bowl together on Sunday afternoon.

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite Packers player is:

Sterling Sharpe

Your favorite football blog to read that is not named Tundra Vision is: 


If there were no football, you would have a blog about: 

Political agnosticism.  I don’t think politics exist, but keep voting in case they do.

If you were a pro football player, your position would be: 


Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a _____________ for taking the time to answer these questions.

Brandy Old Fashioned, sweet

Many thanks to C.D. for being with us this week.  You can catch all the archives of Cheesehead Radio here as well as listen in live on their regular weekly broadcasts and make sure to head over to for more of C.D.’s takes on the Packers and more.

Would you like to be the guest for a Thursday Q & A?  Let us know!


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