This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women who are taller than me.

A Maria Sharapova (6’2″)sort of morning.

Our guest for this week’s Thursday Q & A is sports reporter & anchor Paige Pearson from WLUK so make sure to check back this afternoon for that.

Brian at CHTV on Dom Capers (not to be confused with Don Peters) Bags of Tricks .

Packer Geeks is advocating a trade for Steve Slaton .

Max at PPGJ plays a game a of What if Brett Favre…

Packer Update on how a healthy Al Harris would be huge for the Packers.

The Brewers got a 2 game series sweep of the Cardinals yesterday afternoon, with Trevor Hoffman notching his 598th save.  More on that and the game at Disciples of Uecker .

A Badgers training camp report from Bucky’s 5th Quarter.

The Wisconsin Badger Sports Fan with news of more Badgers making preseason awards watchlists .

Team Wisconsin with some College & Big Ten Football Predictions .

Morally compelled to post this link: Brett Favre: The Unauthorized, Unapologetic Uproxx Biography .

The Top 10 Golf Heavens , none of which I will ever or just as realistically should ever play.

Here’s what athletes really mean when they’re spouting out those tried & true platitudes.

Seeing as it’s featuring one of our Daybreak Doppler Dames from this week, 5 Female Athletes You Could Bring Home To Mom .

Having a little trouble on what to wear or how to wear it for that next big event?  Here you go: An Idiot’s Guide to Dressing Right.

Pretty spot on: 8 Teams And Their High School Classmate Equivalents .

Does Natalie Gulbis have Competition? …yes, yes she does.

Favre’s Biggest Fan  - Green Bay’s biggest Favre Fan was in fine form yesterday afternoon.  I of course am talking about The Fan 107.5, WDUZ’safternoon call-in show host Chris Havel. Now, I realize that Havel has a personal relationship with Favre & the Favre family after writing books both with Brett & his mom, Bonita. I would expect & can respect him for sticking up for Favre based on that relationship.  However, anointing the Vikings the clear, no-doubt front runners with Favre’s return I think is just a case of Havel seeing the world through his Favre colored glasses and not being objective or even wanting to.  Are the Vikings a better team with Favre?  Of course.  Are the Vikings better than the Packers with Favre?  That’s yet to be seen.  What annoys me most about Havel’s antics though is he just won’t come out and say ‘I am a Favre fan first over all.’  Of course though that may alienate some listeners.  I think though being honest about it would alienate fewer listeners than being a Vikings & Favre cheerleader for two hours on a call in sports radio talk show in Green Bay.

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