This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women who are taller than me.

A Jennie Finch (6’1″) sort of morning.

Programming note: Make sure to check back this afternoon as making it’s return to the Interwebs is Winks Thinks from The Bucky Channel , here on

Ol’ Bag of Donuts asks Isn’t it nice to cheer for a competent team?… yep.

Max at Purple Pants, Green Jersey has a report from behind enemy lines on the return on Favre to the Vikings .

The Packer Update has some advice as it relates to a possibly replacement for Will Blackmon if he can’t go .

Packer Ranter goes head to head with Vikings fan site Vikings Gab .

Taking a look at the Division, Mike from GPN measures the Packers against the rest of the North .

Holly has some sympathy for Broncos Fans .

Alex from the Packers Lounge with a Tale of Tape: Nelson vs Jones .

In non-Favre/Packers news, the Brewers beat the Cardinals last night 3-2, courtesy of another great save performance of John Axford.  Disciples of Uecker on the game and the value of Axford .

Of course Prince Fielder makes this list – A Tribute To The Common Man: Professional Sports’ Best Guts.

The title of this post sums it up nicely: Gary Busey Capitalizes on Psychopathy with New Vitamin Water Commercial .

A very important question: What’s the hottest type of geek girl?

My Fantasy Football draft is this week, composed primarily of family and friends, and we have a couple from this group of the Ten People You’ll Meet at Your Fantasy Football Draft .  I’d have to add a type though for my brother-in-law…The Guy Who After 6 Years in the League Has Never Made the Playoffs Once.

As annoying as sending emails in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME is, I hardly think it’s a reason to lose your job but sure enough, it’s here is this list of the weirdest reasons to get fired .

Aloha! The 50 Hottest Hawaiian Women

Glad that’s over  – As ridiculous as how it happened, I’m glad this year’s Favre ‘Will He, Won’t He’ crap is over.  While it will mean another year of despising a player I once held in high esteem, it will save all of us from the constant media pandering and saturation of coverage we’ve been subjected to the last however many years.  I also am looking forward to a measure of revenge this year as well.  Getting swept by the Vikings sucks, but doubly so last year with Favre at the helm.  With him coming back to play, and if the Packers get their due against the Vikings we won’t have to listen to the inevitable excuses coming out from Vikings (& Favre) fans that the only reason the Packers won was because Favre wasn’t there.

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  • Gary B

    Thank you for advertising my fantasy ineptitude….this is my year though.