This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women who are taller than me.

A Natalia Bush (6’2″) sort of morning. on how the official Packers Twitter account annoys 21,888 people in 140 characters or less .

Total Packers states the obvious saying the Packers have a little work to do on defense .

But then ACME Packing Company says don’t worry about the defense …so who knows.

CD over at Tundra Vision must have has some time on his hands here as he goes into detail about predicting the 2010 Packers record .

Packer Update on how Bryan Bulaga, even playing out of position, will be difficult to deny .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts with the Know Your Enemy Series, starting with the Lions then the Bears  and then the Vikings .

The Brewers Bar on Brewer pitcher Manny Parra’s horrible fastball .

Disciples of Uecker looks at Prince Fielder’s track record in clutch situations .

This totally stinks for the Badgers: Mike Taylor suffers setback, will miss season opener .

Stars who definitely traded down to get a little something on the side .

The 7 Most Horrifying Museums on Earth …yeah, don’t think I’ll be taking the kids to any of these.

Starting a new job is often a little scary, so if you’re making the jump to a new gig make sure to read through this list of  way’s you’ll mess up the first day of work  so you can avoid them and just embarrass yourself by being inept.

I generally don’t watch that many poker tournaments on TV, but every time I do inevitably I’ll spot at least 6 of these Worst Types of People at a Live Poker Table .

Miss USA Rima Fakih is back in a bikini .

College vs Pro  – It may just be because the college football season starts before the professional one, but each year I think I actually look forward more to the start of college football more so than professional football.  To me, it means that every Saturday I’ll be able to have a football game on pretty much all day, which is a good thing by any measure.  I also think that to a certain extent pre-season football dilutes my initial excitement over the start of the pro season as even though it is only pre-season, you still get the chance to see the starters play so it’s not the excitement of the true ‘first look’ like it is for college.  So what’s your take, more excited for college football or the pros?

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