This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women whose names I know but have no idea what they do.

An Autumn Reeser sort of morning.

In case you missed last night’s edition of Cheesehead Radio, where I was the guest blogger, because you were watching the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance (So happy that Lauren won, I thought over the course of the season she was the overall best and, wait…er…um…dancing’s dumb) you can catch the replay here .

I usually don’t link to MSM sites, but this story from Lori Nickels at JSOnline about 13-year old Anna Schmidt who underwent a heart transplant is just too great not to: Packers fan’s wish comes true .

Packer Update has the odds improving for two long-shots, Kregg Lumpkin & Quinn Porter .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts is back with their Training Camp Stew Practice review from yesterdays camp sessions.

This sums up nicely the camp thus far and also a little bit of surprise from the performance of #50: Just So You Know: A.J. Hawk Is Suddenly The Man .

At least the Brewers didn’t get swept by the Diamondbacks, winning yesterday afternoon’s game.  Baseball Brew has a recap of the series against Arizona .

Wisconsin Sports Tap on the players that have come out and are coming out of the Brewers farm team The Huntsville Stars .

Disciples of Uecker comes back to the four straight homers we lamented from Wednesdays outing by Brewers pitcher Dave Bush .

Summer’s great and all, but with the 90+ degree heat index we’ve had all week I’m looking forward to Fall.  Cooler temps are just one item in this list of the best things about Summer ending .

We’ll stay with the this theme set yesterday for one more day and the Greatest “Hot Chick” Internet Hoaxes .

This why I will never, ever go swimming in the ocean: Surfer Uses Underwater Camera to Capture Two Great Whites Sizing Him Up .

I had totally forgot that Mike Piazza had even played for the Marlins: 9 Sports Jerseys You’ll Probably Find at the Thrift Store .

Career paths to avoid if you don’t want to die alone .

Katie Cleary…who ever that is… in a bikini .

S-A-T-U-R, D-A-Y, Night - A lot of people will say that the best pre-season football game to watch is the the third one as it’s where the starters will play the most.  For me the best pre-season football game is the first one because for the first time in a very, very long time we’ll get to see the Packers play ‘real’ football again, sorry but Family night doesn’t even come close.  For those of you who say that the pre-season isn’t ‘real’ football, I am pretty sure that for the players who are trying to impress to make the team think it’s pretty real, which is one of the saving graces of these next four games. So, pre-season or not, enjoy the first Packer football game of the year on Saturday and be happy they’re back.

Thanks for hanging around this week and we’ll see you next Monday.

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