This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women whose names I know but have no idea what they do.

A Kristin Cavallari sort of morning.

Check back later this afternoon for our Thursday Q & A with Max from Purple Pants, Green Jersey .

While you’re updating your calendar, make sure to tune in tonight to Cheesehead Radio  at 8:00 pm CST as yours truly will be the ‘guest blogger’. Expect banality and inane comments galore.

CD at Tundra Vision has his obligatory Favre post .

Jersey Al’s Film Study is Running with the 2’s at the Family Night Scrimmage .

The Packer Update on Me & Bobby McGinn .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts makes an attempt to answer some early Packers Training Camp questions .

The Packer Ranter discusses the elusive, mythical beast: Don Hutson .

I can’t even find a recap of last night’s Brewers debacle where Dave Bush gave up back to back to back to back home runs to the Diamondbacks & really, who would want to write one?.  So instead, we’ll go here to Miller Park Dunk who is still looking for people to join at his Tailgate/Game soiree.  Here’s what Vince has to say about how great the first inning of a Brewers game is .

Wisconsin Sports Tap on perhaps the Brewers future first baseman, Mat Gamel .

Midwest Sports Fan with a 2010 PGA Championship Preview and a Thorough Tiger Analysis

Alright, you got me and about a zillion other people, as it turns out the whole whiteboard quitting deal from yesterday was just a hoax .  All I can say is well played, well played indeed.

This link seems apropos after the above one: The 7 Greatest Internet Hoaxes .

I am so planting a garden this weekend and gonna start raising my own livestock now: 11 Revolting Things Government Lets in Your Food .

Star Wars awesomeness, an R2-D2 projection alarm clock .

101 Hot Redheads,  ginger heaven.

How Long Will The Healing Take – I was reading Rich’s post  yesterday and it got me to thinking…when Brett Favre retires how long will it take the the ‘wounds to heal’ until we have a #4 in the Ring of Honor at Lambeau?  I’ll be the first person to admit a certain amount of animosity towards Favre these days, but that level of animosity is no where near where is what a year ago and I expect it will continue to fade as time goes by. I think a lot will depend on what happens when he really does retire for good.  For example, if he where to sign a one-day contract with the Packers and actually retire as a Packer I think I would actually welcome him with open arms & all would be forgiven.  If he were to wait it out for 5 years and first go into Canton as a Viking?  All bets are off then.

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  • Dave Kerwin

    Let’s put this in perspective, he will go on the Ring as Farve the football player, not Farve the person.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    And as such, will never be revered in the way that Starr and others from the Lombardi era continue to be to this day.