We all know the story. Jay Glazer and Judd Zulgad reported Brett Favre had texted teammates stating he was leaning towards retirement. Following #4′s latest (alleged) retirement texts, the entire sporting world eulogized Favre’s amazing career, praised his name and kissed the ground where he walked. Networks such as ESPN, Fox, NFL Network, and geez even E! were a-buzz for the following 48 hours straight discussing Brett Lorenzo’s immortality and accomplishments.

That was until Favre threw a wrench in the reports. We not only found out that the ol’ gun-slinger (mud-flinger) plans to play if healthy and has an upcoming appointment with Dr. James Andrews, but  he also told Ed Werder that he never sent those text messages. Well, Visante Shiancoe backed up Glazer  and Zulgad’s reports, but Childress was adamant that he never heard anything of said phantom retirement messages . One of these fools is lying, and considering Brett Favre once retired just to see how it feels, I whole-heartedly believe the Glazer/Zulgad tandem. 

Regardless of the lies, the he said she said, and whether or not Brett Favre is returning, #4 played his cards perfectly. The media gets a sniff of the words “Brett Favre retirement” and it’s game, set, match. The next several weeks leading up to the NFL season-opener will be filled with nothing but Brett Favre news, banter and discussion. You know he is all set to spend his afternoons, following high school practice of course, basking in the glow of 24-7, Brett Favre sports’ talk.

When all is said and done, Brett will be welcomed back (home) to Green Bay. His number will be retired, I will be crying like a child and the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song with be blasting over the Lambeau Field speakers. However, now is not that time. Brett is playing the role of spoiled, money-hungry-fame-mongering-diva, who has stooped to the new low of throwing credible and hard working reporters under the bus.

Brett Favre is no longer Green Bay’s problem, thank you Ted. And aside from a few minor off-the-field issues , the 2010 Packers are drama free, focused and poised to make a deep playoff run. The Packers have their eyes set on 1 specific goal, a Superbowl. Putting a stamp on Brett and his mind-games, I have 1 last piece of information for #4 to chew on. To quote the Holy Bible, if I may, Revelations 21:8 states this. “Liars go to Hell.” You’ve been warned Brett. Repent, lest be smote.


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  • Jeremy

    who has stooped to the new low of throwing credible and hard working reporters under the bus.


    It’s agrevating that Favre isn’t taking more heat over this. Ed Werder said he believed him(not shocking from an ESPN employee) and Al Michaels called it a “semi-bogus report”.

    These people have to know better than that. They’re in the media. They know guys like Judd and Glazer aren’t just making this stuff up. Glazer even went so far as to give details of exactly what was said.

    I’ve yet to see any of the talking heads on TV take Favre to task for this.

  • Rocket

    Great article! I think Favre needs the attention! Keep writing, I enjoy reading these.

  • LTJ8

    Haha, liars go to hell. I’ll love Brett as a Packer forever, but this latest stuff has pushed me over the edge. Jeremy mentioned how no one has really taken Brett to task for essentially calling Glazer and Zulgad liars.

    Just because Favre is a living legend, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be held accountable for crap like that. I’m not a huge Glazer fan, but he and Zulgad deserve better.

  • McGee&Me

    I know you Rich, and I’m 99.9% sure you are being sarcastic here. Haha, hopefully those who read it get the joke.

    Smite, that’s an interesting word. Plural is it smited, smote or smitten? Whatever.

    Are you surprised Chilly wasn’t aware of any text messages sent? He’s the head coach, yet I highly doubt he’s in the loop about anything Vikings. The man looks clueless on the sidelines. Childress strikes me as one of the guys everyone lied to after the big game win saying, “No man sorry I can’t go out with you. We are all tired and heading home.” Then once Brad goes home alone, the rest head out together.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    I would comment but I’m too busy ignoring anything ’4′-related.

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  • SyDJ

    To be honest, I’m so sick of hearing about Favre I nearly quit this post a sentence in. Too funny though, I love the bible reference haha!

    Although I’m not sure I will be welcoming 4 back with the Kotter theme song so soon. The player, yeah. The man, it’s going to be tough to push aside all of his actions over the past couple years.

  • Rich Ward

    Good point Jeremy. Man, someone else throws out statements like that and the media would explode. Geez, even Stephen A. Smith was destroyed by everybody following his Lebron-Bosh-Wade report.

    It’s not surprising that a couple ESPN’ers backed up Brett, God forbid they fall out of his good graces, but allowing Glazer and Zulgad to take a hit just flat out wasn’t cool.


    “I would comment but I’m too busy ignoring anything ’4′-related.”

    BigSnakeMan, I wish I had your steel reserve. I tried, and failed miserably.