This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women whose names I know but have no idea what they do.

A Blake Lively sort of morning.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has a Training Camp recap for you from yesterday , highlights including Bryan Bulaga at Left Guard & Justin Harrell actually contributing.

Forgot to mention yesterday anything about Donald Driver’s two year extension, mea culpa.  I agree with Packer Update here that the deal should be well-received .

Umm ….yep – Return Game Outlook: Hazy .

Mike over at GPN on how Mike Neal & Morgan Burnett need to grow up quickly .

PackerGeeks provides answers to the question why will the Bears be good this year .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter asks has a nice Q & A with Badgers QB Scott Tolzien .

After a weekend sweep where we saw bo th Trevor Hoffman & John Axford notching saves, neither one could close the door last night as the Brewers fell to the Diamondbacks 7-4.  More on the game   from Disciples of Uecker .

The Brewers actually made a trade, sending Jim Edmonds to Cincinnati for a player in Chris Dickerson who can be a solid 4th OF.

Throwing a bone to the Daybreak Doppler Godfather Dan Walsh with this link: 12 theories about “Lost” that were better than the actual show .

Some great examples of why athletes shouldn’t own guns .

As cool as it may seem, not sure that driving should be one of those things which should be automated but is in this list of things that are being automated that probably shouldn’t be .

This gallery of 34 Perfectly Timed Mid-Air Poses is pretty entertaining.

The ultimate guys ‘Bucket List’ and there is not a single thing on that list I would be able to check off.  I did drink a German under the table one time, but it wasn’t at Oktoberfest so maybe I get half a point for that.

The 20 Hottest California Girls …just proves that the Beach Boys had it right.

Quit Insulting Our Intelligence Doug  - In this piece over at JSOnline  Doug Melvin was discussing the Jim Edmonds trade and more specifically the newest Brewer, Chris Dickerson.  It was this line though that I cringed at, “We’re still trying to win games. I’d love to see us win 12 of 15 and get back in it . I don’t know if we can do that.”  Seriously?  I mean, I understand you have to stay you’re still trying to win games but ‘get back in it’?  Doug, yes you do know the answer and the answer would be no, you can’t get back in it. I applaud you trying to make moves to keep us interested in the team and helping them win, I’m insulted you would even say anything about still reaching the playoffs.

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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    You’re right, Wally. Melvin should just invoke the Robert Stack line from “Airplane” and rout the Brewers into Lake Michigan to avoid killing innocent people.

    The Crew may be out of it, but I’m interested to see what Cain, Lucroy & Escobar can show us the rest of the way.