In honor of her birthday on August 6th, this weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Marisa Miller.

A nice piece here from CHTV on the Packers short-yardage Defense , I love that this particular scheme is called ‘The Hippo’.

Chris at Ol’ Bag of Donuts has observations gleaned from the coverage of Thursday’s Training Camp coverage.

Holly has some thoughts to share on the Ol’ Gunslinger, enjoying them with a tall glass of SchadenFavre .

More love for Packers rookie Morgan Burnett from the Packers Update.

We’re Bucked travels into football territory, claiming the Packers will not be ‘Madden’ Great .

Purple Pants, Green Jersey has some comments on Jermichael Finley’s comments, “Last year I took some plays off” .

Miller Park Drunk has a recap of his trip to Wrigley Field for the Brewers-Cubs game , of course he picked the game where the Brewers lost.

Midwest Sports Fan on why Will Ferrell’s new movie is a big deal .

They say that you shouldn’t dip your pen in the company ink, but sometimes it happens.  If it does, here are some tips on how to facilitate a work romance.

This is right up there on the smart scale with (allegedly) texting photos of your private parts to people: Don’t Put Your Secret Second Marriage Photos on Facebook .

Speaking of Facebook, every one of these types of Facebook updates you can’t avoid  are all true, I’m probabaly guilty of one or two of them myself.

This may be the most useful link I have ever posted: How to get drunk at a child’s birthday party .

Shark Week comes to an end so we’ll add this link here of the ten weirdest sharks  but really, a hammerhead shark is just friggin cool, not weird.

Haven’t had an Star Wars goodness for awhile so here you go, every lightsaber ignition & retraction from every Star Wars movie .

A rundown of  attractive women working out .

Burnett a lock now  – As reported in about a dozen places yesterday, holdout idiot Packers safety Atari Bigby will be having be having ankle surgery and will start the season on the PUP, most likely out at least 6 weeks. All the talk thus far was not necessarily if rookie safety Morgan Burnett would replace Bigby, but when.  Well, as it turns out that would be right now.  I realize the kid is a rookie and there are bound to be some lapse’s but if only half of what I have read and heard is true of Burnett’s ability & talent, this pretty much to me spells the end of Bigby’s career as at least a starter for the Packers and perhaps even a player come next year.

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