In honor of her birthday on August 6th, this weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Marisa Miller.

Aaron from CHTV has his first person report from Tuesday night’s Packers practice .

Jersey Al with a very important public service announcement about a new Internet virus making the rounds .

The Packer Update writes that only Finley can stop Finley .

Midwest Sports Fan has some Questions and Answers from One Night at Packers Training Camp .

In the category of Packers who won’t be playing in 2010, Johnny Jolly Accepts Plea Deal .

The ‘Crew notched another win against the Cubs last night, sealing the series.  More on the game  from Disciples of Uecker.

Could not agree more than this from the Brewers Mix: With Hart locked up, Fielder must deliver pitching .

Wisconsin Sports Tap has further thoughts on the Hart signing and what it means .

The Vikings may actually be thinking Favre is telling the truth this time about retiring as as they’ve reached out to Fran Tarkenton .

So that Kanji tattoo you got?  You know, the one that the tattoo artist said meant ‘Virile Warrior’?  You may want to check out this site then, as you can send in a photo of your tattoo and this guy will translate the true meanings of those characters inked on your body for life.

Not kidding, it really is Eva Mendes Sex Tape .

If you’re looking for a job, you may want to check this list of cover letter blunders before crafting your own.

Yeah, not gonna lie, have thought about one or 7 of these most popular male fantasies .

2010 College Football Predictions: Ranking The Top 25 by Cheerleaders

How can we not laugh?  – As the title to today’s post would indicate, I’m of the opinion the whole Favre to retire ‘story’ is nothing more than air.  I just don’t see him hanging it up and we’ve seen this so many times now it’s not even worth the effort to pay attention anymore.  That being said, man did I have a good time looking through the comments on this piece at the . I mean, as a Packers fan that went through this EXACT thing however many times, I love seeing it play out for the Vikings, a team and fan base I despise…actually, I don’t despise the entire Vikings fan base.  I think there are 7 Vikings fan I know & like, the rest are useless.

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  • Dave Kerwin

    The good news is the “Drama Queen” is no longer are problem. Let all those Viking fans twist in the wind for a while.

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    I must say, I am enjoying the Favre Retirement Drama this year….tho I agree we won’t know for sure until the regular season begins. And now, thanks to your link, I’ll go check out the StarTribune comments….

  • Rich Ward

    TT was such an idiot for setting a Favre deadline wasn’t he? Haha, and I was right there with the masses bashing that move. Thank God it’s not Green Bay’s problem any longer. I wish that mental stress of “will he, won’t he” on no one…Well maybe Viking fans. =)

    In the MLB, you have to have a short memory. Following the Astros sweep, I felt like throwing my TV out the window. Just 2 wins later, including a massive blowout IN WRIGLEY, I’m feeling much better. The season might not be a success, but it’s always satisfying to see Milwaukee beat up the Cubs.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    The best thing about the Favre “situation” is that, as Packer fans, we can sit back and laugh no matter which way it turns out.