This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1970.

A Lisa Dergan sort of morning.

Check back later this afternoon for our Thursday Q & A  with none other than Greg Bedard from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

As Tom Hardricourt said via Twitter , if the Brewers were waiting to see how this series against the Reds would end in regards to trades, they should be selling now.  If anyone is interested, Baseball Brew has a series recap to relive the pain with .

At least one person is already looking for the 2011 Brewers season as the View from Bernie’s Chalet has their Brewers 2011 Starting Lineup . My only change would be leave Casey at third and have Gamel at first.

Jersey Al has a piece on Green Bay Packer Super Fan, Adam Czech .

On the topic of fans, Total Packers brings you the Top 15 Celebrity Green Bay Packer Fans .

Aaron from CHTV (hiding out in Appleton, Wisconsin) pens this post on Dom Capers .

Brew Hoop on putting the Bucks’ Summer spending in context .

In Badger Bits from Bucky’s 5th Quarter -  Is this the year of the Badger?

Confessions of a Sports Addict has some reasons why the signing of TO by the Bengals may actually work.

The title says it all: Interesting Facts About Sex .

My adult beverage of choice is beer but sometimes my palate needs something else, including at least one of these 5 Girly Drinks Every Dude Wants to Try

OK, I’ve never heard of the Sun eating stars and pooping light, but the other ones in this list of Ancient Beliefs That Turned Out to be True  are pretty familiar.

This next link here is as terrifying as it is interesting: Seven Ways The Earth is Going To Kill You Real Soon .

A rundown of the worst TV commercials , again Flo from Progressive isn’t getting any love.

Adriana Lima is a good bikini model

Switching Gears  – If you’ve been following the Daybreak Doppler for any amount of time you may have noticed there’s something of a pattern to it. I usually try to start out with links to the Wisconsin team which is currently “in season” then move onto links about other teams that are in the off season in really no particular order. Then we usually finish up with the fluff/humor/clantily scad women links and my sign-off.  Well, starting next week we’ll be switching the focus at the top from the Brewers to the Packers. Even though the regular football season hasn’t started, frankly the Brewers season may as well be over and Packers training camp coverage will more likely be more interesting.  We’ll still have Brewers links as well as Badgers, Bucks & Golden Eagles (when I can find them) links but they’ll be taking back seat to the Packers for a spell…unless of course there’s a straight up Fielder for Strasburg trade.  If that happens all bets are off.

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  • Rich Ward

    Not sure how sex, alcohol and Progressive commercials relate at all to sports…But I love it!

    “My only change would be leave Casey at third and have Gamel at first.” …I agree, because I’ve finally begun to come to terms with the idea of Prince being given away. But who’s going keep Parra in check?