This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1970.

A Ninel Conde sort of morning.

Well, that was in a word ‘Ugly’ for the Brewers last night.  As The Bucky Channel says, it’s back to reality for the Brewers & fans .

There’s still room to get in the 2010 Miller Park Drunk Pants Party/Tailgate & Game Soiree.  If you’re still on the fence, here are Five People You Meet at Miller Park Drunk’s Pants Party  to help persuade you to go.

I can respect someone who can admit when they are wrong, Lord knows I do it enough so full props to Jaymes at The Brewers Bar for eating some crow in regards to Jim Edmonds .

Ol Bag of Donuts commences their 2010 version of Friendly Fire, hitting first on training camp battles on the offensive line .

Tim from on finding Packers fans on the RAGBRAI

Packers Update takes a gander at, assuming there is a 2011 NFL Season, those Packers that will be unrestricted free agents in 2011 .

Packer Ranter on the mysterious Geoff Largefan .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter starts what feels like a series on UW football position breakdowns, starting off with quarterbacks .

A more realistic version of the Wonderlic Test .

Pretty much all of these ring true: The 10 Commandments of Sports Talk Radio Hosts .

Hey look, another attractive Russian spy .

Getting a tattoo is something of a big decision, after all this thing will be with you for quite awhile.  Well, not sure what any of these people were thinking when they got inked: Regrettable Pop Culture Tattoos .

It’s a dog, and he’s moving the lawn .

So yeah, I spot a link like this I am legally required to post it: Top Ten Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models

Safety Dance  – So Atari Bigby finally signed his tender and will be in camp come Saturday.  The question is, has he already ceded his starting position to rookie Morgan Burnett?  I fully anticipate that Bigby will be inserted into the first team to start but can he keep that spot over the talented rookie?  Like most Packers fans, I was elated when Bigby came on to the scene and starting knocking the snot out of people, reminiscent of Cecil Cooper Check Cecil.  Unfortunately for each lick he laid, he eventually ended up licking his wounds more than playing. This will undoubtedly be the most interesting training camp battle this year and as I have said before, I am firmly in Burnett’s camp if for no other reason than I think a change needs to happen back there.  This year instead of seeing ‘Big Hit Bigby’ on the yellow fence on Lombardi Ave across from Lambeau maybe we’ll see ‘Burnett Bounces Bigby’.

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  • Chris

    Cecil Cooper? Maybe Chuck Cecil?

    No, wait. On second reading, perhaps Cecil Cooper is a better analogy for Atari Bigby.

    • Wally

      Ugh, must have been a little tired this morning when writing that.

  • safford and son

    ninel was born in 76… but still in fuega.