This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1970.

A Heather Graham sort of morning.

Well, wasn’t expecting that.  Randy Wolf was solid and Jim Edmonds came up big late to boost the Brewers to a win over the Reds 3-2.  Disciples of Uecker has more observations on the game .

Baseball Brew asks whether or not the Brewers can take advantage in a sellers market?  I would say yes but now being only 5 games under .500 I’m a tad worried about that ‘false’ hope I mentioned yesterday.

Packing Cheese on the Punting Showdown for the Packers this year .

Jersey Al marches forward with his UDFA series with OL Nick McDonald & Chris Campbell Vying as the topics.

And while we’re talking about blog series, Carriveau continues his best/worst case scenarios focusing on the inside linebackers .

Total Packers has some commentary & what not on the whole Jolly & failed drug test thing.

Packer Update takes a look at some of Ted Thompson’s…oh, shall we say questionable player extensions .

Green Bay Packer Nation has a Q & A with Packers OLB Cyril Obiozor .

The 10 Greatest Yelling Scenes in Movies ……KHAAAAAAAN!!!!

So yesterday we linked to a piece with mythical (?) creatures so let’s follow that up with a piece about famous sea monsters and their real life equivalents .

The Worst Calls in the History of Sports , incredibly only one soccer reference and not from this past World Cup. 

Pet’s that women will make you get rid of …so, there must be at least one woman that reads the Daybreak Doppler so my question to you is: Is this list accurate?

Just as I’ve expected for awhile: Rom-coms Are Screwing With Your Head .

Every one’s favorite Paraguayan Soccer Fan – Larissa Riquelme .

Is there really a chance?  – Jack mentions asks in his game recap ‘Should be getting excited for the playoffs?’ in regards to the recent resurgence in the Brewers play.  Beating a good team in the Reds last night is a nice accomplishment but does anyone realistically think the Brewers could hold things together and actually make a run here at the end of the season?  Sure, it’s happened before with other teams but I’m still more than skeptical.  If the Brewers can end up winning this series with the Reds I may change my tune a bit though.

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  • Chris

    The only “excitement” I see with the Brewers is whether they can finish at or above .500. While that might not get the juices flowing for most fans, I think it would represent a significant achievement for a team many left for dead after their nine game losing streak in May. For me, it provides a reason to continue following their fortunes once the Packers open training camp.

    Ah, who am I trying to fool? I’d follow the Brewers regardless of where they stood in the standings…particularly now that Uecker is back in the saddle.

    In any case, the notion of a .500 or better season would be, for me at least, a redeeming element for the season, so I am intrigued. But, then again, I saw them as a .500 team coming into the season so I am not as jaded about their performance as many observers.

  • Rich

    Chris, you had me at “Uecker is back.” After the playoff run a couple years ago, I think I became kind of spoiled. Where as before, a .500 season felt like a playoff run. Now I want to expect much more. I think I need to temper my expectations a bit.

    If they can continue this run towards (and hopefully past) .500, I think I will view this season as a success story. Throwing records out, they are still a fun team. Like you said, I couldn’t quit them if I tried.

    “Khaaannnn!” Has become a movie scene I crack up to every time I even think of it. Especially because of David Kahn in Minnesota and all his crazy moves basketball moves. Haha, thanks Bill Simmons.