So the results from the 2010 Best/Favorite Packers Blog/Site survey are in.  I have to say, for something which started as a way to pass a Sunday morning, this grew some legs and I’m really pretty amazed by the participation.  A big thank you to everyone who voted as well as promoted this little project.  Almost every one of the sites in the list received votes which of course spread things out but not enough that the results weren’t clear. 

Rather than list all of the results because I’m too lazy to type all of that, I’ll list the Top 5 sites as choosen by our voters.

1. Cheesehead TV (34%)
2T. Jersey Al’s Blog (10%)
2T. JSOnline Packer Blog (10%)
4. Total Packers (9%)
5. GBPG (5%)

So there you go folks. Congrats to the CHTV guys, well deserved.


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Okay, Wally, so are you satisfied that this was objective?

  • Wally


  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Wasn’t the genesis for this the fact that CHTV named themselves #2 on their own site rankings? Of course, if everyone now involved in CHTV actually voted for CHTV, they’d almost win by default.

    • Wally

      No, not at all. The genesis was I thought it would be fun to let the readers decide who was their favorite site, hosted by an impartial third party that wasn’t a purely Packer site thus with no vested interest in who ranked where. Read the original post.

  • IPBprez

    Okay – when did this Questionaire go out ?
    Musta not been all that noticable. Otherwise the Nationally known PackerFan Clubs would have made a larger effort to participate. ANd, as far as I can tell – that did not happen. I clicked several links and found no reference to the actual website page or section where the polling occurred. This reminds me of the Political Polls they discuss on evening news…you only hear about it AFTER the fact and the questions are never shown to anyone; only the results.

    I do say CheeseheadTV is a good website with a fairly balanced perspective as is Jersey AL, amongst others. Can we see the entire List of Choices? What about sites like Tundravision or Packer Report, or PackersNews? I have about 30 websites I go to on a regular basis.

    ALSO – after the Favre nonsense – where the Player is MORE important than the Organization, btw (why & how, I have no idea) – I quit bothering with JSonline and have found few reasons to bother going back. Greg Bedard is one of them, but he is just one person and I can go to CHTV to review his comments.

    Produce a link, to present details, please….

    Always Room for 1 More PackerFan !!!

    • Wally

      Hi…er…Prez, the polling started last Sunday. The sites in contention were:

      ACME Packing Company
      Cheesehead TV
      Green Bay Packer Nation
      Jason Wilde’s ESPN Milwaukee Blog
      Jersey Al’s Packer Blog
      JSOnline Packers Blog
      Lombardi Ave
      Lovin’ The Green Bay Packers
      Ol’ Bag of Donuts
      Packer Chatters
      Packer Geeks
      Packer Update
      Packers Lounge
      Purple Pants, Green Jersey
      The Packer Ranter
      Total Packers
      Tundra Vision

      The post that started it all is here as well: .

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