This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1990.

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A Rosie Jones sort of morning.

Uecker’s Coming Back, Uecker’s Coming Back, Uecker’s Coming Back!

OK, now that I have that out of the way…make sure to come back this afternoon for our Thursday Q & A with Alex from the Packers Lounge.

Wow was last night’s Brewers game stinky.  Rather than post a recap and relive the horror, let’s look ahead and specifically to 5 Guys Who Could Replace Prince Fielder , once the inevitable trade happens.

If you’re looking for something to do the weekend of October 15-17, you can join Brewers FSN color man Bill ‘Rock’ Schroeder on a fishing trip to Northern Wisconsin .

Vince from MPD takes it to every one’s favorite JS Brewers beat reporter in This Week In Witardo: Only nerds like stats .

Brian carries on with his Worst/Best Scenarios series with Running Backs this time .

Meanwhile Jersey Al continues his series on undrafted free agents, also on Running Backs .

With JaMarcus Russell as part of the class, TotalPackers says Justin Harrell Will Never Be The Biggest Bust In The 2007 Draft .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has a bevy of Badgers news, notes and nuggets .

A whale jumping, techincally ‘breaching’, onto a boat.   I couldn’t make that up in my wild dreams.

The results of the 2010 Great Male Survey are finally available.  With such insights as 55% of men think whiskey is the ultimate man’s drink &  41% of men are OK if their significant other ‘friends’ exes on Facebook, it’s at the very least a good time waster for a Thursday.

Do you know who Vanessa Branch is?  Turns out she’s that woman from the Orbits gum commercials.  Here is a list of other things you most likely didn’t know about her, including photos from a Maxim shoot.  She also speaks Chines and French in case you were wondering.

Things that women can do that men can’t , which for the most part all are entirely true.

Here’s another headline which I couldn’t make up if I tried: Subtle Butt, the Fart-Neutralizing Underwear Insert .

I’m pretty disappointed I don’t know who Doutzen Kroes is.

You hear Uecker is coming back?  – Not sure if you heard yet, this story sort of flew under the radar but after 3 months out Bob Uecker is returning to the Brewers Radio Network.  I have to say though, full props to Corey Provus these past few months as he has done an incredible job of filling in, far above and beyond the expectations of almost everyone.  I even have to give a little love to Davey Nelson who I don’t think was as bad as many said.  That all being said, it’ll be great to have Uecker back and if you’re looking for me Friday night, you’ll find me in the backyard with the radio on, beer in hand, listening to the Brewers how it is meant to be.

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  • Rich

    No kidding! My summer’s are defined by the summer sun, the grill and Ueck’s play-by-play.