This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1990.

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A Kylie Bisutti sort of morning.

After a 50 minute rain delay interrupted the game, the Brewers beat the Pirates 3-1 last night.  Disciples of Uecker can’t say enough about the job pitcher Chris Capuano did to help get the W .

The Brewers Bar is advocating Patience with Parra .

Jersey Al begins a new series leading up to training camp on undrafted free agents, focusing on Wide Receivers to start .

Is there a schism developing between Brett Favre & his agent Bus Cook?

Packer World Central on the 2010 Packers Defensive Line . researches some head-scratching Packers references in pop culture .

The Bucks continue to fill out the roster, signing backup combo guard Keyon Dooling late yesterday .

In addition to the Dooling signing, the Bucks are reported to be adding yet another power forward in Jon Brockman .

The Wisconsin Sports Tap chimes in on a number of topics including the Brewers, LeBron James, Ken Macha and more .

A collection of newspaper headlines which are unintentionally dirty sounding.

I think we can all agree that as much as we may like an adult beverage every now and then, too much can be a bad thing.  That being said, there are some ways that alcohol is actually good for you .

Speaking of drinking, here are a list of people you want to avoid while doing so , or perhaps better said avoid if they have been drinking.

Total awesomeness, the Nerf Stampede Fully Automatic Rifle .

Jessica Gomes, whoever that is, is starting her very own swimsuit line… with photos to prove it .

Who to get a beer with  -  PackerGeeks has a post on the Top 5 People You’d Most Like to Grab a Beer With .  I always like posts like that because no matter what, whether you want to or not it gets you thinking what would be your Top 5.  So, to play along my Top 5 would be, in really no particular order or reason and just off the top of my head:  Bob Uecker, Harrison Ford, Billy Joel, Elizabeth Banks & Steve Martin.  If I thought about it more that list may change a little but like I said, it’s my first gut reaction to the question.  So head over to PackerGeeks and leave your Top 5 there or feel free to leave your list here in the comments. 

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