This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1990.

All this week we’ll be running a survey to determine the ‘Best’ Packers Blog/Site out there.  Click here to vote or use the Vote icon to the right.  The results will be posted this Friday, July 23rd.

A Stefania Fernandez sort of morning.

Over the weekend the Brewers split with the Braves, which is actually a success considering the Braves are one of the best teams in the NL right now and very tough at home.  Baseball Brew has a series recap .

Beyond the results of the weekend series, there were also some extra-curricular activity with Atlanta hitting Brewers left & right.  The Brewers Bar calls those actions anything but brave .

The Brewers Mix says that Trade Value & Timing Are The Keys to Hart & Fielder .

So obviously the big news last Friday was the suspension of Packers Johnny Jolly for the 2010 season.  Jersey Al thinks it may be a blessing in disguise , I would have to agree.

UnPacked however things the Jolly suspension is pretty bad .

Brian over at CHTV has a video post up concerning the ramifications of the Jolly suspension .

So with Jolly gone, the Packer Update is saying not is the time that the Packers can really use Justin Harrell .

We’re Bucked with an off-season report card for the Bucks.

Now there’s the Tiger Woods we all know and love: Tiger Woods Drops F-Bombs After Missing a Putt at the Windy British Open .

Summer time is when you often plan your big vacations & trips, perhaps even an overseas journey.  If you’re travelling abroad, here are some tips/rules to follow .

We here at Pocket Doppler are all about helping you develop and maintain healthy relationships with your significant other.  We have to, to make up for posting what in some countries is considered soft-core porn for your viewing pleasure every morning.  To that effect, a list of perverted behaviors to stop to insure your relationship continues smoothly.

If you’re not in a relationship now here are 7 ways to pick up a girl… at a funeral .

Being a Movie/TV star is a dangerous business, as evidenced by these actors & actresses injured on set .

I feel morally compelled to finish up with this: Top 10 Hottest Nearly Nude Sports Babes .

Best Packers Blog/Site  – As many of you are already aware, yesterday we launched out ‘Best Packers Blog/Site’ 2010 Survey.  We’ll be running this all week so make sure to vote for your favorite Packers site & tell your friends and neighbors to vote as well.  If there happens to be a site that I did not include but should be there, make sure to let me know .

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