Seems everyone of late has had Packers blog rankings.  Cheesehead TV has theirs , than Total Packers got into the act & then the Packers Lounge rated the most ‘influential’ Interweb Packer Personalities & Influences (how I ranked 3rd on that list is beyond me, I would credit alcohol but thanks none the less Alex!).  Not to be left out Lombardi Avenue has their own rankings now as well .  Now, I’m not one generally to call anyone out unless called out first, but out of those three I have to say if you’re doing a ranking and you place your own blog on top, it’s automatically suspect and just self-serving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about self-promotion & being proud about what you do but that may be a bit too much.  Out of the three rankings I would really have to say Total Packers is probably the most accurate as they used actual data to compile it.  Corey’s comes in second because, as much as I respect Corey & have a tremendous amount of admiration for what him & Aaron do, putting yourself that high at #2 in a ranking you are doing I don’t think is objective.  Lombardi Avenue’s ranking is just masturbatory fluff.

Now, you’ll notice isn’t on any one of those lists which is fine as its not solely a Packers blog.  Seeing as Pocket Doppler isn’t a Packers Blog and has no vested interest in where we would stand in that pantheon let’s let the masses decide what is the best Packers blog out there.  This week we’ll run a survey to decide who is the ‘best’ Packers blog/site out there.  This list is comprised of the sites I go to when gathering links for the Daybreak Doppler and I think is pretty complete.  The only criteria I used in deciding this list was if there has been a post in the past month.  I know there are more sites out there, but if you haven’t posted since the end of the season you don’t deserve to be in here.  Our contestants are:

ACME Packing Company
Cheesehead TV
Green Bay Packer Nation
Jason Wilde’s ESPN Milwaukee Blog
Jersey Al’s Packer Blog
JSOnline Packers Blog
Lombardi Ave
Lovin’ The Green Bay Packers
Ol’ Bag of Donuts
Packer Chatters
Packer Geeks
Packer Update
Packers Lounge
Purple Pants, Green Jersey
The Packer Ranter
Total Packers
Tundra Vision

On Friday we’ll announce the winner which will finally put to rest who really is the best Packers blog out there and who will forever have the title of ‘Best Packers Blog/Site in the Known Universe’ and all the accolades and rewards which come with it…which is basically just bragging rights.  Good luck to all of our contestants.

Go HERE to cast your vote today.

In case you’re wonder, you may ask how Pocket Doppler measures itself against other blogs?  By height of course.


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  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Now that CHTV has become the Microsoft of Packer Blogs, they’d have to be considered the most prominent. But it’s almost as if they’re trying to do too much. I would say my personal favorite is Tundra Vision. I can’t say that I always agree w/C.D. but I always find his points well considered and rational.

  • Corey Behnke

    I only put Cheesehead TV that high because we are the best Independent Packers Blog.

    We have the most traffic for a Fan Blog (according to Compete) and we now have 2 of the best packer bloggers on board. 2 guys that have been doing it longer than anyone else on that list except Tundravision, JSOnline and Chatters (Chatters became a blog after us)

    “putting yourself that high at #2 in a ranking you are doing I don’t think is objective”

    I agree- But what if your site IS #2? That disqualifies you because you wrote the list? That makes no sense.

    Who is #2? GBPG? Without Pelissero there is now way that is true….

    and what if you’ve been ranking the Top 40 packer Blogs everyday since you started..?

    I also dont think anyone can objectively say that JSOnline gets beat by anyone.

    Oh and Big Snake man- NOT Microsoft!!! Apple. :)

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    My apologies, Corey. Didn’t mean to offend your delicate sensibilities.

    I should clarify that I visit the JS blog most frequently but, as I consider that part of the mainstream media, don’t believe it should count for purposes of this discussion.

  • Jerry Harris

    “I only put Cheesehead TV that high because we are the best Independent Packers Blog.”

    The arrogance of this statement alone coupled with Naglers piss poor attitude and Alex T rants are why this site isn’t even in the top five packer blogs. Bigger isn’t better but then again you can’t take anymore pot shots at Packerchatters now that your following in there footsteps.

    By the way you have Blog/Sites…your missing several more sites that I consider higher then some listed. T

  • Justin

    Since I can simply bookmark your site and be directed to all the Wisco-related sports-goodness I crave, I’m going to write-in pocket-doppler.

  • Justin

    And as an aside, any site that makes a list should probably leave their own site off that list, except for giving a promotional “1st!!!” to themselves in an introductory paragraph. It is just as in parliamentary procedure when voting to abstain is preferred when one’s personal interest is at hand.

  • Max

    So what you’re saying is I can’t vote for myself? ;)

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  • Aaron Nagler

    “Naglers piss poor attitude”

    Fuckin-A right. :)