This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1986.

An Alexis Lopez sort of morning.

We’ll let Friend of the Show Jack from Disciples of Uecker officially kick off what will be a recurring topic from know until the end of the month, Fielder’s Future .

The Brewers Bar is revisting 10 Things I Want To See .

In-Between Hops is doing some ‘Boras Math’ as it relates to the Price of Prince .

Wisconsin Sports Tap has a where are they now edition of their Farm Report .

Brewed Sports takes measure of Brewers GB Doug Melvins 2010 Free Agent Additions .

The Bucky Channel as a recap of sorts of the MLB All-Star game.

Total Packers is thinking there is trouble brewing in Minnesota .

Mike at Green Bay Packer Nation constructs his Dream Team of the Rebirth Era .

The Bleacher Report jumping on the Packers Super Bowl Bandwagon .

19 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Star Wars .  Reading through these, anyone interested in Star Wars will know some of these, but there are quite a few you may not.

The Best & Worst of TV Superheroes …man, I forgot how good Lynda Carter looked in that Wonder Woman costume.

Things you should not reveal on a first date , although the one about drinking alot may lead to revealing more of these depending on the date.

The Periodic Table of Meat , I am partial to the ‘Noble Meats’.

In honor of George Steinbrenner, who passed away yesterday, 20 of his most memorable quotes .

Sofia Vergara on vacation, in a bikini.

Game Still Doesn’t Matter…  - The National League one the All-Star game for the first time in 13 years and the first time since the Brewers joined the National League.  I suppose it would mean a bit more to Brewers fans if the team even had a sniff of the playoffs at this point, but lets not kid ourselves.  Beyond a run robbing catch by Braun, neither him or Hart contributed much to the NL effort short of quick innings for the AL.  Now we’ll all turn our collective Brewers’ fans attention to not necessarily how the second half of the season will run out but rather who won’t be playing for the Brewers come August.

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