This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1986.

An Alice Greczyn sort of morning.

Brew Crew Daily continues their first half breakdown, this time on relief pitching.

The Brewers Bar on the Home Run Derby Slump: Fact or Fiction?

Bucksketball is in Vegas for the NBA Summer League games and has a report on several former UW Badgers down there .

Speaking of the Summer League, We’re Bucked has some info on what to look for as it relates to the Bucks .

Jersey Al says that out of the two Packers Wide Receivers, Jordy Nelson will have the better career than James Jones .

Aaron at Cheesehead TV is taking some time off leading up to Training Camp, but he two final points to share on the Packers Offense & Defense .

Gene at Ol’ Bag of Donuts is reevaluating how he things/feels about the ol’ gunslinger . has an interview with Phil Hanrahan , who also joined us last week for our Thursday Q & A .

A pretty cool chart which shows which voice actor ‘plays’ which Simpson’s character .

Jobs which put you in proximity to, if not right next to, attractive women .

A bunch of creative drug smuggling operations …but not creative enough to not get busted, but full points for ingenuity.

A wonderful guide to former Disney stars which have sort of lost their previous squeaky clean images.

Personally I think that talking E*Trade baby is pretty friggin funny (shankapotomus comes to mind) but he did land on this list of hated tv commercial characters .

The 20 hottest female sports reporters .

Back, Back, Back, Back…ad nauseum  - In last night’s Home Run Derby Brewer Corey Hart acquitted himself pretty well…in the first round.  I can understand his comments about losing his ‘edge’ after having to wait almost an hour an half to hit again.  As much as I like the Home Run Derby it’s become too long, too over produced and overall too bloated.  Just like everything else with ESPN though, I guess it’s to be expected.  I was glad to see Big Papi win though, he’s always struck me as a ‘good guy’ and I am not just saying that because he is a Packers fan.

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  • Chris

    I think the HR Derby would be more interesting if they got 10 swings instead of 10 “outs.” The top two plus ties could advance to the next round–with seven swings–to decide the winner. If the concern is that sort of show would be too short, they could expand the field. I think that might move things along more quickly and kept it more fresh.