This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1986.

An Abigail Clancy sort of morning.

The Brewers got what they needed with the Pirates coming into town with a sweep courtesy of a dramatic walk-off home run by Corey Hart yesterday. As Baseball Brew says here, the Pirates are the ultimate slump buster .

Brew Crew Daily has a Brewers first half breakdown of the starting pitching .

In Between Hops ask the question we all may be asking soon – who ends up at first if Fielder is traded?   I say a Edmonds/Gamel platoon.

The Brewers Bar ponders how Dave Bush is providing quality starts .

Spain beat Holland yesterday to win the 2010 World Cup, although the game itself was less than thrilling.  Winks at the Bucky Channel has his closing World Cup thoughts . says what most Packer fans were thinking about ‘The Decision’ : LeBron and Brent, Two Enemies of the State

Brian Carriveau on where Packers DE Jarius Wynn fits into the D-Line this year .

CD at Tundra Vision has some ideas on how to shorten the Packers Season Ticket list.

Total Packers is wondering whether or not Brian Westbrook is still an option for Green Bay .

With Training Camp starting within weeks, it’s not too early to look at the Super Bowl betting odds .

I think I’ve actually done most of these Top 10 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Pay For ….course, nowadays I’m just to lazy to do them.

Most, if not all, of these jobs typically done by children in the past  would definitely get you a visit from Social Services today.

I still remember the first time I took note of Erin Andrews, it was the 2005 Capital Bowl & now that she’s staying at ESPN we can look forward to seeing her again roaming the sidelines.  Just one reason of the reasons to be happy Andrews is staying with ‘The Leader’ …with photos of course.

Some great, unintentionally funny, screen shots from the video game Halo .

Alessandra Abrosio…lingerie…need more?

Throwing the first pitch out  - So on Friday as I was sitting out on the deck listening to the Brewer pre-game, they had mention of Geoff Jenkins throwing out the first pitch.  Not that I will ever have the chance, but it got me to thinking…what would I try to do if I ever got to throw out a first pitch.  Would I go to the mound, motion the catcher down and try throw one in there?  Akin to what Kevin Kline did in Dave?  Or would I take the wimpy way and pitch from 20 feet from home plate.  The later choice would be the wisest, but the first would be the most fun…no matter the potential embarrassment.

Also, congratulations to Wisconsin native Steve  Stricker on his win at the John Deere Classic this weekend.  Nice, solid performance and great to see for a good guy.

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