This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1988.

A Melissa Haro sort of morning.

Well…that was ugly.  A 15-2 loss last night for the Brewers to the Giants to me pretty much seals the deal for this season.  Brew Crew Ball is letting the NarvDog go to a nice place in the country .

The Brewers Bar has some info on the nice, new scoreboard going up at Miller Park , that if the Brewers don’t turn things around no one will be around to see.

Brewers Baseball Blog has a little Fantasy Baseball help with Fantasy Pitchers to Sell.   I am, of course, so far out in my league I’m not even gonna bother seeing if any of these guys ar on my roster.

The Packer’s Blogshere was rocked…nay, more akin to a universe shift, with the news that the Packers Lounge was joining forces with CHTV .

And here’s is Alex’s take on the Packers Lounge move to CHTV ….snif, that may be the last time I link to the Packers Lounge at

The title from this piece over at Total Packers is just to good not to just copy & paste it: Even Married, Jared Allen Still A Douche .

Purple Pants, Green Jersey takes a look at a recent Tight End ranking… and rearranges it a bit .

Bucketball on two known commodities, Luc Mbah a Moute and Ersan Ilyasova .

I’ve admitted I am a self-proclaimed Gadget Geek in this space more than once, so to feed that need here the Best Gadgets of 2010, so far .

So yesterday we linked yesterday to Larissa Riguelme holding up her part about running around naked in support of her Paraguay team. Seems adult ‘film’ actress Bobbi Eden has promised something else if Holland wins . (link is SFW)

Some days are better than others, I personally despise Mondays.  Statistically though, here 9 terrifying days on the calendar .

I turn 40 at the end of this month, luckily I’ve already stopped doing most of these things men shouldn’t do after 30 .

Our community service post for men for the day: 7 ways to pretend like you care

In honor of their (blech) World Cup win yesterday: Hot chicks from Spain .

Thus ends our World Cup Coverage  - With the exit of Germany from the World Cup, my interest is official waned. Once the US was out, I naturally gravitated to cheering on Germany but alas, those cheers are over.  Yes, I know Germany and Uruguay match up on Saturday for the consolation match but really, who cares.  All in all though, this year’s World Cup was interesting for the U.S. advancing, the officiating controversy’s and Larissa Riguelme so it wasn’t a total loss.  See you in Brazil come 2014.

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