This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1988.

A Jessie James sort of morning.

Didn’t we just see something similar to what we saw last night?  Wolf pitched OK into the 6th and then the errors started happening, leading to a 6 – 1 loss for the ‘Crew.  Disciples of Uecker has a quick recap .

Bernies Crew gives some reasons why the Brewers must trade Corey Hart .  After last night, let the earnest selling begin.

In Between Hops on Standings Math and how the playoffs are pretty much unreachable.

Brew Crew Ball takes a look at some things the Brewers are on pace to do , they ain’t all happy though.

Packers Lounge has some thoughts on Mike McCarthy’s comments about letting Rodgers have more pre-snap flexibility .

Jersey Al says the Packers need to start beating the good teams & not just the crappy ones. with Current Packers and their Film Counterparts .

Coutside Analyst says that the NBA’s salary cap doesn’t work .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter on their All-Time Favorite Badger Team .

Sportress of Blogitude pokes a little fun at JSOnline writer/blogger Mike Hunt .

Even though Paraguay is out of the World Cup, have no fear as Larissa Riquelme is still going to run the streets naked .

Wait, Ninja’s didn’t dress in those cool black out fits?  That’s a little disappointing: 6 Things From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly

Just what we all need, sex tips from Olivia Munn .

You can probably figure out who is number 1: The 50 Hottest Fans World Cup Fans

Hup Holland Hup  - One of my bigger clients is based in Amsterdam so over the course of the 3 years we’ve been working together, I’ve gotten to know them pretty well.  It also turns out that I have found myself rooting for Holland in sporting events like the Olympics & now the World Cup.  Its was a nice win by the Dutch over Uruguay yesterday, setting up their first finals appearance since 1978.  Depending on what happens today in the Germany/Spain match, my loyalties wil be tested if Germany advances.  Either way, today’s match is worth watching as it has the chance to be the best one yet.

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  • Chris

    Removing June from Hart’s line and diminishing his value is like removing Bush’s horrible start in MN and inflating his value. I believe it is all of one piece.

    Has Hart been hitting in good luck of late? Sure. That’s the case for most players: They go through good streaks and bad. Before last night he was on a 48 game bender in which he amassed a 1.002 OPS. I agree that is not likely to continue, but I do think it is an indication of the sort of hitter he can be over an extended period of time. That has value and is worth keeping.

    I think it is worth remembering that in his first 381 games Hart’s OPS was .835–that’s good production over more than two seasons. Like Geoff Jenkins before him, he is going to go through droughts, but overall a team is going to get value from him. I don’t think MKE should be too quick to part with that sort of proven production in favor of the newest shiny object that crosses its path.

    I am not saying that Hart should be untouchable. But I don’t see the urgency in moving a productive player that is entering what is likely to be his peak years. Unlike Prince, Hart’s contract will not be a huge burden, nor does Hart have Fielder’s positional limitations or concerns about his physical shape. For these reasons, Prince is the guy that has to go immediately. Hart should only be dealt if a can’t miss opportunity is presented.