This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women born in 1988.

A Brit Bliss sort of morning.

Disciples of Uecker says it all in the title of his recap from yesterday’s Brewers loss to the Giants: Bush Performs, Bats Sleep .

It was announced yesterday that former Brewer Geoff Jenkins will retire as a Brewer by signing a one day contract this coming Friday.  The Brewers Bar pays homage to Jenkins and his career .

BrewersMix asks the question on every one’s mind right now, will the Brewers be Buyers or Sellers at the Trade Deadline?

With the MLB All-Star break and game looming, Brew Crew Daily has some thoughts on the All-Star game & roster.

Brew Hoop helps you get caught up on the recent free agency/roster moves by the Bucks and more . says that scientific analysis proves it’s good to be a Packer fan .

Corey at Cheesehead TV makes a rare appearance, breaking down the Top 15 Packer Blogs .

Packers Lounge on Aaron Rodger’s recent Twitter comments about an extended season .

The Packer Update debates whether or not the Packers defense will be the best in the league .

The 7 Worst Nude Recreation Activities …yeah, I can see where rock climbing may chaff a bit.

A mainstay of the Fourth of July is of course the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. Competitive eating though doesn’t end with that contest though, as evidenced by these other competitive eating records .

It would appear through out history, dictators all have one thing in common, facial hair of course .

Flying would be so much easier if these 5 things were more readily available .

FHM’s 2010 Sexiest Women in the World – Marisa Miller

Sell, Sell, Sell  - I didn’t link to it above, but couldn’t agree more with this piece from Jaymes over a The Brewers Bar, saying that with the injury to Gallardo means the Brewers should become sellers.   I’ve been leaning towards just giving up on this season and looking for the Brewers to start building for the 2011 season and after reading the article, it makes sense more sense to be now.  We’ll see how it pans out in the coming weeks but Doug Melvin should be listening to any and all offers starting yesterday.

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