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A Katie Cleary sort of morning.

Make sure to join us this afternoon for our Thursday Q & A with Jaymes from The Brewers Bar.

The Brewers dropped the Rubber Match with the Astros yesterday afternoon losing 5-1.  Disciples of Uecker says it all in their game recap: Objects On Mound Worse Than They Appear .

Jaymes from the Brewers the bar has a recap of the Brewers performance in June in  The Good, The Bady and The Ugly .

The Brewers placed pitcher Jeremy Jeffress on the 40-man roster on Tuesday, yes the one who got suspended for smoking the wacky weed.  In-Between Hops calls the move protecting the value of an asset .

Jersey Al doesn’t like that so many people are picking the Packers to succeed this coming year.

Not to be out done, Alex at the Packers Lounge has a counterpoint to Al’s article .

Badgers color man Mike Lucas takes a look at several publications that are high on Badger football this coming season .

NBA Free Agency starts today, here are some predictions where the Top 5 NBA Free Agents will end up.

Staying on the NBA Free Agency topic, Bucksketball has some info on what the free agency period will mean for the Bucks .

Confessions of a Sports Addict in LeBron’s final destination as well as  one benefit of Paraguay’s run in this year’s World Cup .

Anonymous Eagle has some thoughts on the newest Golden Eagle, Jamil Wilson .

Now finally a good use for the vuvuzela: 100 Vuvuzelas To Blast BP Office For An Entire Day

Erin Andrews recently did an interview with Variety Fair and the person interviewing here asked some seriously asine questions, including ” Do you have man-size feet like Paris Hilton? You know, she can find shoes to fit her only in the “tranny” section of the shoe store .”

It’s an inevitable fact that not all relationships are going to work out.  If you’re in one but aren’t sure what to do, try one of these 7 ways to blow off the girl you’re dating .

Craigslist, such a source of amusement if you take the time to look around…but who has the time so here’s a rundown of some humorous Craigslist for sale ads

Hi, I’m Troy McClure! You Might Remember Me From… a full listing of all the places you may remember him from .

25 Hottest Canadian Women

Torn – After watching & listening the Astro’s take two from the Brewers in this past series I’m torn as to how I feel right now. Do I want the Brewers to compete and at least try for a .500 season or would I rather see a fire-sale with Fielder & Hart on the block so the Brewers can start building for the 2011 season?  Earlier in the week I would have said the former, now I am not so sure.  The realist in me sees the same things happening all the time, the fan in me thinks things can still be turned around.  At the very least Uecker should be coming back to the broadcast booth soon. Both the fan & the realist in me will be happy with that so maybe will just settle with that for now.

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