This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Deal or No Deal Models.

An Ursula Mayes sort of morning.

The Brewers yesterday made up for the loss on Saturday with a win on Sunday against the Mariners, also clinching the series.  Disciples of Uecker has the series reveiw for you this morning.

Chris Narveson was on the mound for the Brewers yesterday and had a solid outing.  The Brewers Bar wonders if that was enough for him to keep his job in the starting rotation .

Brew Crew Ball in The Weekend Mug explains why there is still hope for the Brewers .

Total Packers on Atari Bigby vs Morgan Burnett . I’m already leaning towards Burnett just based on principle and Bigby’s actions in regards to signing his tender.

Lombardi Ave. has some quick hit Packers news items for you. on the Bucks first round pick Larry Sanders .

Bucksketball has some information on the Bucks Summer League roster.

Our go to Soccer source The Bucky Channel laments the the US loss to Ghana on Saturday .

With US losing to Ghana question is asked whether or not it’s time for US head coach Bill Bradley to go?   Most of the nation responds with question who is Bill Bradley?

Of course, the real question as it relates to soccer in the US is how much do we really care?

Some Badger updates and news from Bucky’s 5th Quarter.

For those guys out there wondering if you’ve found ‘the one’, here’s a list of Signs Your Girl’s if a Keeper to help you make the decision. I would say if you get even 6 out of that 10 you’re in good shape.

On the unfortunate, and true, downward spiral of the movie Major League’s sequels and a plea to not make another one.

Somehow a 6 year old little girl ended up on the Department of Homeland Security’s No-Fly List .

I don’t play video games as much as I used to outside of Madden and the occasional first person shooter but can still relate to these 8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels .

I guess taking your high school choir to Hooters is frowned upon: Six Lessons Learned from Teachers Gone Wild

The 7 Hottest Flight Attendants From Ryanair

An oasis of soccer in a baseball park  – While at Miller Park on Saturday for the Brewers game, I joined a packed house at Friday’s in the stadium to watch the US versus Ghana World Cup match.  It was interesting that in the bar every TV was tuned to the match.  Everyone I saw and talked to was glued to the match & could care less there was a ballgame happening 90 feet away.  After the loss, there was a mass exodus as people headed back to their seats or out to the concourse for the rest of the ball game.  Soccer will inevitably head back to an after thought in our collective sporting minds with the US loss, but for one afternoon in one small part of the park people were more interested in what was happening on ‘the pitch’ vs what was being pitched.

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