This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is hot vegetarians.

A Sophie Monk sort of morning.

What’s better than a series win against the Twins?  Of course a sweep of the Twins which is what the Brewers did yesterday mostly due to the arm of one Yovani Gallardo.  Disciples of Uecker has a game recap as well as some thoughts on Yovani’s season thus far .

Team Wisconsin says don’t look now, but the Brewers have something of a hot streak going .

Last night was the NBA draft the Bucks went with size, drafting a power forward in Larry Sanders from VCU. Buckstetball calls the addition of Sanders an Injection of Length & Athleticism .

Now that the draft is over, Brew Hoop wonders where does it leave the Bucks going into free agency?

Holly over at says there are sports crazier then football, tennis being exhibit 1.

Aaron at CHTV on the offensive line…and he actually uses the phrase ‘bee in his bonnet’ in it which is worth the price of admission on its own.

Wait, what?  When did I miss this?  Total Packers has some…um…news (?) on Erin Andrews & Aaron Rodgers .

Your Friday World Cup predictions , the last day of group play as well.

Here’s a preview of the USA vs Ghana match  which will happen on Saturday @ 1:30 CST.  I will be on a bus on the way to Miller Park at the time so will be testing my VCast streaming of the game.

The longest match in Wimbledon history mecifully ended yesterday after 11 hours.  Here are some things you could have done in the time it took for that match to come to fruition.

Etch A Sketch’s are fun, I still from time to time will play with by boys’ Etch A Sketch.  I’m really good a ‘drawing’ stairs with it, which is almost as good as these Etch A Sketch Drawings .

How can you not like a list of fun, interesting animal facts when one of them is this: Approximately 100 people die each year when they are stepped on by cows.

I so wanted a bee-bee gun growing up, no dice though.  That item and a couple more are on included in these items you wanted at the age of 12 but probabaly didn’t get.

Actress that, unfortunately, have no nudity clauses in their contracts .

Gisele Bundchen isn’t hard to look at.

Friday Ramblings  - Well, how about that? A sweep of the Twins, a team the Brewers never seem to play well against and a little winning streak going on here.  Too early to say a corner’s been turned but it sure is nice to win some in a row :: I like what the Bucks did here in the draft and moves/trades leading up to it.  Not that Sanders will start, but the Bucks needed some length and strength & also have the peices in place to compensate for the defection of Salmons. ::  As I said above, I will be heading down to Miller Park for the Saturday afternoon Brewers/Mariners game.  If you’re at the game, hit me up on Twitter or something & let’s get a beer.  I may even buy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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