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A Bonnie-Jill Laflin sort of morning.

Make sure to stop by this afternoon as Mark from The Wisconsin Sports Tap will be joining us for your Thursday Q & A.

I know some of you guys will hate me, but the biggest sports story yesterday was the US win over Algeria win their World Cup group for the first time ever & advance to the next round.  Sorry, just can’t ignore something like that.  I know most of you out there aren’t huge soccer fans, hell I’m not either, so instead of a full recap here are 5 thoughts on the US win over Algeria .

Of course it wouldn’t be a US World Cup match without some sort of officiating screw-job, here’s video of yesterday’s disavowed goal .

Here’s what the win over Algeria means for America (funny read, soccer fan or not)

The Brewers notched another win against the Twins last night securing the series and going for the sweep this afternoon.  Disciples of Uecker says last night’s win was all about Pitching, Pitching, Pitching .

Miller Park Drunk says for the Brewers, This Is It .

Brewers Mix on the encouraging, and surprising, improvement of the Brewers pitching.

The wheeling and dealing in Milwaukee is in full force as the Bucks picked up two players via trade leading up to the draft.  BrewHoop wonders what’s next for the Bucks?

The NBA Draft takes place later today.  Confessions of a Sports Addict breaks down the Best & Worst draft picks this decade .

Jersey Al on Green Bay Packer Fans, Owners & Shareholders .

Aaron at CheeseheadTV takes some time to explain his recent Twitter-fight with Ralph Cindrich .

Mike from channels Kenny Rodgers in his Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Run piece.

I agree with 3 of these, how about you? 5 Worst Sporstcasters on TV

Whether you are a proponent of capital punishment or not, for the most these days the methods of completing it are relatively humane, especially when compared to these methods of execution from the past.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation has done some awesome things in the past for children with terminal illnesses.  You can add one more to the list as they gave young Christian Bently a Millenium Falcon .

As children we’re always told to tell the truth, after all that’s what George Washington did, right?  Well, as grown ups it turns out there are some situations where it’s OK to fib a little .

So yesterday, I think it was yesterday, we linked to the hotties of Wimbledon.  Today we have the loudest grunters in women’s tennis.

Hey look… Twins, the good kind.

C’mon, that was pretty exciting  - Even the anti-soccer people will have to admit that yesterdays US win over Algeria was pretty thrilling at the end.  I know that ‘nothing’ (read scoring) happened till the stoppage time but for those that stuck around to watch you weren’t disappointed.  My only concern now for the US Team is that if advancing was a main goal, they don’t let down.  On Saturday they have a favorable match against Ghana and from there who knows.  I can realistically see two more wins for this team in the next round.  Would that turn the tide for soccer in the US?  Probably not but it makes for some good viewing.

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