This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is hot vegetarians.

A Hayden Panettiere sort of morning.

The USA soccer team will play Algeria today at 9 am CST and with a win will advance to the elimination rounds.   Problem is, there’s a little history to overcome here as the US has never won a Game 3 in its World Cup history.  Here’s to bucking the trend and a look ahead to the match .

Now, if the US doesn’t win it can still advance, here’s a quick breakdown of all the scenarios , along with a lot of other information which you more likely than not don’t want or need to know.

The Bucky Channel has a preview of all four matches today as well.

Closer to home, the Brewers were able to notch a win against the Twins even with giving up 3 runs in the first inning. Disciples of Uecker has a recap and a plea to Ken Macha .

Yesterday’s Brewer game was the start of a 20 game stretch before the All-Star break, an important stretch at that according to The Brewers Bar.

So if you didn’t know, there is going to be a Broadway play on the life of Vince Lombardi. take a shot at casting the Packers .

Alex from the Packers Lounge says the Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is too nice when it comes to discussing certain players.

In light of the news yesterday of Cullen Jenkins & Brandon Chillar having some reps at linebacker, Ol’ Bag of Donuts thinks that LOLB will likely be a group thing this season .

Total Packers on injured Packers CB Al Harris admitting he probabally won’t be ready by training camp .

Adam from Bucky’s 5th Quarter unveils what he’s been doing while moonlighting from the blog, Badger Kickoff 2010.

Some suggestions on how the new Big Ten conference should be aligned .

Jerry Seinfeld is not a big Lady Gaga fan it appears, and who can blame him after the shenanigans she pulled while sitting in his box at that recent Mets game. Seinfeld’s show also had many sports related moments, many of which are in this 10 best sports moments of Seinfeld .

Beaver testicles as a contraceptive?  What will those Canadians think of next: 10 Absurd Ancient Beliefs

This is so very, very funny…and very, very true: Hot Girls Wage Lawsuit Against Facebook Privacy Policy (video)

Quite a few famaliar names in this list of 10 Disney Stars Gone Bad

We haven’t had a community service/self-improvement link in awhile so here you go: Professional Wrestling Moves That Could Improve Your Sex Life

The hottest women of Wimbledon

Making history  - As mentioned above, the US has never won a Game 3 in the World Cup and will definitely need a win today to keep their chances of advancing in their own hands.  I’m not enough of a soccer afficionado to say how or what the US Team will need to do to win, beyond of course scoring more goals than Algeria.  You can’t find that kind of solid, hard hitting & in-depth commentary everywhere.  So all I can say here is I’ll have ESPN radio streaming during the game, listening here at the office & at least today I’ll be as big of a soccer fan as I am of football & baseball.

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