This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is hot vegetarians.

A Vida Guerra sort of morning.

Seeing as there was no Brewers game, it gave us all a chance to take a break and Disciples of Uecker used that time to review if Prince Fielder Should Bunt Against The Shift With Nobody On?

Speaking of Prince Fielder, The Wisconin Sports Tap wonders what the Brewers could get for Prince Fielder in trade .

Meanwhile Baseball Brew wants to know why Paul Molitor doesn’t have a statue outside of Miller Park.

The NBA Draft is coming up quickly and on some workouts yesterday  as well as some other scuttlebutt. 

Sticking with the Bucks for one more, Coutside Analyst is wondering how much the Bucks should invest in John Salmons.

The Packers are having a mandatory mini-camp this week and Total Packers noticed that Cullen Jenkins was being used at outside linebacker , which is surprising to say the least.

Jersey Al on the development of Packers rookie safety Morgan Burnett

Speaking of outside linebackers, Cheesehead TV has a piece on Packers OLB Brad Jones taking the next step .

ACME Packing Company has some thoughts and news on several Packers including Jermichael Finley, Ryan Grant and the O-Line .

The Badger Football team is picking up some pre-season momentum with several players being mentioned as candidates for awards.

The Bucky Channel with your daily World Cup preview of today’s matches .

A nice take here on If American Sports Movie Classics Were About Soccer , hmmm…I don’t see any of these being as popular as they are with those themes.

Just a solid, solid list here of the 10 Most Important Things They Didn’t Teach You In School

This is just nerd-tastic: 100+ amazing pieces of Star Wars concept art

It was the first day of Summer yesterday so I suppose I should include this link to Sexy Girls Named Summer.

This thing just scares the living hell out of me: Anti-Rape Condom To Be Tested During World Cup

Erin Andrews Vs. Melissa Theuriau

I Like The Way This Sounds  - In this piece on the Bucks Beat, potential draft choice Xavier Henry said that there is a change in perception as it comes to playing basketball in Milwaukee .  Makes me think back, when was the last time we heard something similar as it relates to a Wisconsin sports team?  That of course would be back in 1993 when a certain player named Reggie White came to the Green Bay Packers.  Now, if you read the article above you’ll see that a lot of the impetus for that change in percpetion is due to Brandon Jennings, and I am not saying Jennings is Reggie White.  What I am saying is that sometimes all it take is one spark plug of a player to get things turned around.  No matter what, it’s a great thing to hear about the Bucks and can only mean good things going forward for the team, Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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  • BrewTownBoozer

    No statue for Molitor. He wanted to pursue greener pastures, which is totally OK. However, that distinction between him and Yount should ALWAYS remain.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    Molitor already has a statue…in Cooperstown. Unlike a certain future HOF QB, Sal Bando & Bud Selig almost literally did push Molly out of town, but at least he has a WS title to show for it. For better or worse, Aaron & Yount finished their careers in MKE and for that they are rightly recognized.