This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is attractive vegetarians.

A Kellie Pickler sort of morning.

The Brewers were able to salvage something of the weekend series against the Rockies with a win yesterday afternoon.  Baseball Brew has a series recap for your reading pleasure.

Brew Crew Daily takes a look at Prince Fielder’s season and finds it hard to believe the criticism of a player who is still producing at a very high level.

James from The Brewers Bar delves into the topic of the Brewers and Runners In Scoring Position .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts says either Johnny Jolly or Cullen Jenkins won’t be back in 2011 & wonders who would be best to hold on to.

C.D. over at Tundra Vision says that based on the current World Cup officiating mess ups, we should be thankful for NFL officiating.

On the topic of World Cup officiating, Brewed Sports is boycotting the remainder of the World Cup because of it.

Courtside Analyst breaks down Bucks SF Carlos Delfino’s past season .

As always, well…at least for the next couple weeks, The Bucky Channel has your World Cup predictions for the day .

Here are 10 Things We Have Learned So Far in the 2010 World Cup group play.

Even though the US Soccer team got jobbed on Friday, coming back from an 0-2 deficit is still pretty amazing.  Should it be included in this list of the top 10 Most Memorable Moments in US Soccer?

Speaking of the US/Slovenia match on Friday, here’s something of a break down of the ill fated call which cost the US a goal and then win.

Chances are better than not with the great weather this weekend you spent some time in the backyard grilling.  Hopefully one of these 10 Worst People at a Summer BBQ weren’t in attendance…unless of course it was you.

As I have said in the past, I am something of a gadget geek sometimes to my chagrin as I’ll end up getting something and then hardly using it.  So this flow chart of should you get the new [insert gadget name here] could come in handy.

So Toy Story 3 came out and crushed the box office competition.  It may not have gone so well if one of these rejected Toy Story characters  had been included.

Today is the first day of Summer and sooner or later we’ll be in store for a nice hot stretch where you don’t even want to go outside for fear of melting.  If and when this happens, here are 8 awesome ways for guys to beat the heat this summer .

Top 10 Celebrity Bikini Bodies

Drama, drama, drama  - One aspect of the World Cup I’m finding pretty interesting is all the drama that surrounds it.  We’ve had the officiating muck-ups on the early matches on Friday, the French team is refusing to train after a dispute with a coach & England is getting ready to mutiny.  It could be that this is the norm in the soccer world, I wouldn’t know, but I find the whole thing, especially with the teams darkly humorous. 

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  • burniebrewer

    World Cup and “attractive” vegetarians?

    See you next week.

    • Wally

      It was slim pickings so had to fill with World Cup and you may be surprised at who I found out is a vegetarian and looks good in a bikini.

  • burniebrewer

    It’s not like I’m really gonna stay away until next week…but I hate soccer and love steak.