This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of The World Cup host, women from South Africa.

A Charlize Theron (Benoni, Transvaal Province, South Africa) sort of morning.

Today the USA Soccer team will be taking on Slovenia at 9 am CST, so we’ll be moving the soccer posts up to the top here.  I’m sure the masses will be pleased. We’ll start with a look ahead to who will be starting for the US squad .

I consider myself a relatively bright individual, but I had no idea where Slovenia is.  Turns out my guess that it was part of the former Yugoslavia was correct though I didn’t know that the famed Lippizzaner stallions originally came from Slovenia.

Our local ‘go-to’ soccer & World Cup source The Bucky Channel has a preview & predictions of today’s action including the US v Slovenia match.

(…and now back to your reguarly scheduled programming)

Brew Crew Daily bemoans the fact that Brewers CF Carlos Gomez is stuck in his ways .

Miller Park Drunk and The Ultimate Guide to Ryan Braun .

Holly over at has her thoughts on an 18 game NFL season .

Brian Carriveau, in the twilight of his Railbird Central days, takes an in-depth look at the potential of an NFL Developmental League.

ACME Packing Company continues their ‘Start’ series with who should start at safety alongside Nick Collins?   I would say Atari Bigby is making that a pretty easy question to answer.

Congrats to Greg Bedard & other’s as the JSOnline Packer’s Blog has won the nation’s top sports blog …er…award?

Erin Andrews may be on the way out at ESPN but don’t worry, there’s a new sideline princess waiting in the wings .

This piece on the 5 People You Will Meet At The Beach This Summer is pretty much dead on I would say.

When I was in college I worked as a wedding DJ, travelling around western Wisconsin spinning tunes for newlyweds and their guests.  Most of these weddings were pretty normal, some were a lot of fun and then some were…probably not how the bride and groom intended it due at least 3 of these 7 Ways To Ruin A Perfectly Good Wedding .  I don’t see bride’s Dad punching groom’s Dad in there, so I will add that one.

This, via the Twitter feed of BrewCrewBabe , actually gives me a little hope for the human race.

I’ve never golfed with a caddy because…well, the courses I golf at don’t require one which should say something about my game.  If I ever did have to have a caddy thought I would want one of these Five Best Fictional Caddies.

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday and many of you may still be wondering what to get your dear ole Dad.  Let me help you out here and say don’t get any of these Worst Father’s Day Gifts Ever .

Brooklyn Decker Is Your 2010 Sexiest Woman Alive, and yes there are pictures.

An Early Happy Father’s Day  - Father’s Day is one of those holidays I don’t think you appreciate enough until you become a Father yourself.  As great is it will be to hear my 4 & 6 year-old boys say “Happy Father’s Day” to me, that isn’t the main reason why Father’s Day is more important to me these days.  Once you become a Dad you quickly find out how much effort it takes to be one.  In turn, it becomes easier to look back and appreciate your own Dad that much more. Things he did that both made & didn’t make sense so that one day you could be a Dad yourself and hopefully a good one. So to my Dad & all the other Dad’s out there an early Happy Father’s Day to you all.

Thanks for visiting this week, have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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  • Brian Carriveau

    I’ve actually been to Slovenia. My favorite country among anywhere I’ve traveled. Amazing place. Highly suggested.