This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of The World Cup host, women from South Africa.

A Dominique Piek (from Somerset West, South Africa) sort of morning.

If you stayed up late to watch the Brewers, at least you didn’t go to sleep disappointed as you got to see a Ryan Braun Grand Slam & a win as the Brewers beat the Angels 12-2.  Pitcher Randy Wolf seemed to get out his funk as well, let’s see if he can stay that way.  Disciples of Uecker has  game notes this morning .

There will be plenty of Prince Fielder talk going into July but right now most of the buzz around Fielder is on his sub-par performance so far this year.  The Brewers Bar asks the question whether Fielder is Pressing or just Unlucky .

Brew Crew Daily wonders if Brewers 3rd baseman Casey McGehee is coming back to reality .

Brian Carriveau bids Adieu to Railbird Central, and Guten Tag to Cheesehead TV .

Total Packers takes a look at Donald Driver’s statement on wanting to play till he’s 40 .

Guest author Pigskin Paul is on Jersey Al’s Packers Blog looking at how the recent player headlines & actions may have roster repurcussions .

ACME Packing Company on Packers Players and Coaches Retention .

Brew Hoop on the Dynamic Duo of Brandon Jennings & Andrew Bogut .

The Bucky Channel with today’s World Cup match previews .

Yesterday we talked about the Vuvuzela, the plastic horn that is responsible for the constant ‘buzzing’ during World Cup matches.  Here are 10 possible replacements for the World Cup vuvuzela , all equally annoying.

On the topic of the vuvuzela, here are the 7 most annoying props that fans use at sporting events .  Some how, the Vikings horn didn’t make the list.

For those of you that didn’t want to watch all 90+ minutes of the US vs England World Cup match, here’s the abridged version – Lego Style .

Yesterday was Flag Day, which I totally forgot about.  To make up for that, here are 4 American Flag Products and What They Say About You

The final episode of Seinfeld was a collosal disappointment and more recently many were disappointed with how Lost ended.  Have no fear, here’s how TV’s Greatest Shows Should Have Ended .

Famous Women Who Might Be Men …this is a little sad to see Jamie Lee Curtis on this list.  Remember her in Trading Places ?  Wow-sa.

So here’s a list of 10 Sci-Fi Technologies That Now Exist, but the coolest thing is the telepathy helmet was developed at the University of Wisconsin.

The 20 Hottest European Athletes

Three Amigoes  - As Greg Bedard pointed out, now is where things will start to get interesting , as it relates to the Packers Restricted Free Agents.  Out of the ‘three amigoes’ that are the Packers RFA’s the only one I really care about is Tramon Williams.  I say that because out of the three Williams is the one with true upside.  While safety depth is a concern, I think Bigby maybe sees the writing on the wall here as it relates to his position with the team & is trying to get anything.  I, and perhaps the Packers, have already lost interest in Jolly as a viable 2010 option for the team & looking at Bedard’s handy little chart there if he doesn’t sign and loses all that money he may actually be as dumb as people are saying.  So stay tuned and we’ll see what shakes out this week.

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