This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Female Athletes.

A Natalie Gulbis sort of morning .

Anyone with any lingering doubts about whether or not Casey McGehee was a one season wonder & wouldn’t contribute this year is crazy.  Bottom of the 9th & McGehee came through allowing the Brewers to beat the Cubs 3-2.  The Brewers Bar has more on the game for you here.

The Bucky Channel has more on the game , and says while McGehee was the hero the Player of the Game was pitcher Yovani Gallardo.  Hard to argue that point.

Miller Park Drunk calls this Brewers/Cubs series the most important one of the season.

Brewers Mix looks at both Carlos Gomez & Alcides Escobar and comes to the conclusion they aren’t making enough of an impact .

Tundra Vision dissects Kornheiser v. Rodgers, Round One , here’s my two cents…Tony Kornheiser is a tool. has more on Aaron Rodger’s recent comments on Kornheiser .

Kornheiser, not to be out done, has a response to the comments made by Rodgers.

Packers Lounge takes a look at something of the troubling offseason so far for the Packers and asks What Would Vince Do?

The Stats series from Jersey Al continues on, with Field Position being this issue’s topic .

Brian McIntyre from CHTB/The Other 31 has his take on the news from yesterday that Charles Woodson is looking for an extension .

Well this explains alot and really answers a lot of questions I had.  In a letter to editor in the journal Psychiatry Research, apparently Darth Vadar suffered from borderline personality disorder

Jane Lynch is hilarious, whether it be her current gig on Glee (yes, I watch it, I have no excuse) or other roles like in Best in Show .  Here she is in a new iPhone 4 spoof commercial , funny as always.

I think this title sums everything up nicely, as least as it relates to soccer ‘fans’ in the U.S.: World Cup Preview for (and by) People Who Don’t Care

It’s happen to all of us, and for those of us with kids it’s usually some inane tune by The Wiggles, Dora or my worst enemy – The Wonder Pets Theme Song.  So when you get that song stuck in your head, here are some tips to get that annoying little diddy out of there

So BP has pretty much screwed the pooch on stopping the oil leak in the Gulf so here are some other creative ways to try plugging it up .

Did you know that Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch?  Yeah, me either so here are 22 Fictional Characters Whose Names You Don’t Know,  may come in handy if you ever get on Jeopardy.

Hayden Panettiere prancing around in a bikini , it is the beach after all.

As Advertised  - For once in this space I won’t be talking about Wisconsin Sports, but rather what happened last night in our nation’s capital.  Of course, and you’d have to be living under a rock not to know about this, last night was the debut of Washington National’s pitcher Stephen Strasburg. The amount of hype & hoopla that surrounded this rookie start for once was actually warranted it. Strasburg pitched 7 strong and notched 14 K’s.  Yeah, he did give up a home run to Delmon Young but whatever, to say that Strasburg’s debut lived up to the hype is an understatement.  People will say it was only against the Pirates but I remember those same Pirates notching more than a few hits/runs against the Brewers so that doesn’t wash for me.  It’ll be interesting to see how Strasburg handles the rest of the season, but for now he is as advertised.

Here’s a good week and we’ll see you here tomorrow.

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  • burniebrewer

    Good for the Nats that Strasburg looks like he’s the real deal, but I really don’t want to hear about him being the “second coming” for the rest of the season. He needs to get lit up a few times so everyone can just relax.

    That being said, what a spectacular debut.

  • klwillis45

    “The phone……the phone is ringing.”