This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Female Athletes.

An Ana Ivanovic sort of morning.

I saw the news online and had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but it was true… Jeff Suppan Released .

Disciples of Uecker has a Retrospective on Jeff Suppan, saying mediocre may be generous.

Meanwhile, over at the Bucky Channel, Bart says that the Brewer’s…or more accurately the Brewer’s Fans’ Nightmare is Finally Over .

Brew Town Beat pulls out the obligatory Seinfeld reference with No More Suppan For You .

Besides the joyous news of Suppan’s release, the MLB Draft was also going on yesterday.  The Brewers pick was RHP Dylan Covey.  The Brewers Bar has more on Covey for you here .

Alex from the Packers Lounge was at Sunday’s Donald Driver Charity Softball game and has a rundown of it for you .

It would seem that beyond the potential legal issues facing Packers Brandon Underwood, Total Packers says that there are other issues as well, namely with teammates.

Ol’ Bag of Donuts finished up their Packers All-time 53 man roster, part 8 focusing on Kickers, Punters and Return Men .

BrewHoops wonders how much is Bucks player Luke Ridnour worth ?

Only in Philadelphia of course – a child drinking a beer at a ball game .

Planes are cool, military planes are even cooler. However, not all military aircraft made the cut , although that Aerocycle seems fun.

Hollywood is full of…well, people looking for attention in some form, some ways though just don’t work and here are some examples: The 10 Lamest Publicity Stunts

I am a morning person and like most have a routine that’s pretty much set, but according to this article of mistakes you make each morning I may have to adjust somethings. 

I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan but his character ‘Len Grossman’ from the movie Tropic Thunder is hilarious.  ‘Len’ made an appearance at the MTV Music Awards and ‘preformed’ with Jennifer Lopez

Here’s the real reason why the whole ‘quit Facebook’ movement failed – Meeting Women .

The community service post for today: How to pick up a girl, the serial killer way .

The 20 Hottest Jessica Biel Photos Ever .

What Now?  - Like I said above, I had to do a double take when I read that Jeff Suppan had been released.  My second reaction was, which I’m sure has been uttered a thousand times by a thousand Brewers fans, was ‘It was about time.’  The big question though is what happens now?  Is the team better now that Suppan is gone?  Not really as he hardly pitched anyway but hopefully this is a case of addition by subtraction.  I will say this though, Suppan handled the situation well and while I hated him as pitcher, I liked him as person who did a lot of good things off the field so in the end I have to say ‘Best of Luck’ to him.

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  • Chris

    At least having Chris Smith rather than Suppan in the pen gives Macha a somewhat better option. That, I guess, is an improvement.

    But in the absence of better starting pitching, the kind that can routinely post quality starts, the Brewers don’t look to be all that much improved after dumping Soup.