This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Female Athletes.

A Maria Sharapova sort of morning.

We had free baseball twice this weekend with a extra-innings loss for the Brewers on Saturday & an extra-innings win for the Brewers last night.  I said we’d be lucky to get out of St. Louis with one win, which is what happened.  Brew Crew Ball has a run-down of last nights game for you .

The Brewers Bar takes a look at Manny Parra’s performance last night and striking out 10 Cardinals .

The closer spot for the Brewers has been an area of worry once Trevor Hoffman imploded.  Brewers Mix advocates that the future is now for John Axford .

Right Field Bleachers bemoans the dismal Brewers season thus far and looks at the options for the team heading forward .

While I was up north having a great time with old college roommates, some Packers were down south having some other fun, unfortunately things didn’t go as smoothly in Lake Delton.  Brandon Underwood is the ‘person of interest’ here and Aaron from CHTV says Packers Have A Tough Decsion On Underwood .

ACME Packing Company has some analysis of what occurred in Lake Delton , based on the reports available.
Jersey Al continues his

In case you missed it on Friday, Jersey Al continues his Stats series, this time Fast Starts are the topic .

CD from Tundra Vision returns for a couple months off, looking at former Packers GM Ron Wolf’s Top Ten Moves.

The Bucky Channel has some Bucks news and notes .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter on the well-deserved induction of current Wisconsin AD/former head football coach Barry Alvarez’s induction to the the College Football Hall of Game .

Wearing a costume is of course one of the surest way to identify a Super Hero, but some aspects of Super Hero costumes are always the most practical .

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Bud Light commercial where the house is built out of Bud Light cans.  This guy built a house out of paper products .

The quest for immortality, something pursued through out the ages but now where is a new immortality champion – science.  Here are Four Ways Science Will Kick Death’s Ass .

Some guys are great cooks, others…well, not so much.  But there are some things every guy should know how to cook .

The community service post for today, or actually a list of what not to do: Ways To Ruin A Date With Your Car .

Jenn Sterger still looks pretty good .

Not much to say today  - As I mentioned above I was out all weekend enjoying some time in Hazelhurst, WI (which is near Minocqua) with some friends from college celebrating our collective 40th year alive.  Can tell you this much, I’m not very good at staying up past 2 am any longer much less 2 nights in a row. Will have to do some reading on the Underwood thing to get caught up on it all but as many said over the weekend, or at least what was on my Twitter feed, until all the facts come out Underwood is innocent until proven guilty.  Be interesting to see how it pans out I guess.

Here’s a good week and we’ll see you here tomorrow.

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