This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is British Babes

A Gemma Atkinson (from Bury, Greater Manchester, England) sort of morning.

The return to pitching debut for Chris Capuano was…hey, the fact he even pitched is pretty amazing & with the current state of the Brewers starting rotation he’ll have more chances to sort things out.  All in all though, the Marlins were held to only 3 runs & it was the Brewers bats which couldn’t convert, leaving 13 LOB.  Disciples of Uecker has some more game notes .

The Bucky Channel says that if there was a bright spot in this game, it was the bullpen .  Can’t believe I just typed that.

The Brewers Bar seems pretty happy to see that Dave Bush has finally been benched .

Continuing with the MLB Draft coverage, Brew Crew Ball guest contributor Andy Seiler profiles some potential Brewers selections .

Quevedo at the Buffet is asking Jeff Suppan to take a cue from Ken Griffey, Jr.

Brewed Sports is offering up a list of reasons why MLB should retroactively award Armando Galarraga with a perfect game .

Miller Park Drunk has a message from JJ Hardy for you all.

The Packers Lounge is changing their name to The Soccer Lounge ? Oh wait, it’s just about gambling on soccer, I get it now.

I’m thinking the title of this piece by Total Packers, ‘ Brady Poppinga Part Of Packers Pass Rush Solution ‘ is a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Confessions of a Sports Addict breaks down the NBA Finals . has some Bucks notes for you on recent pre-draft workouts .

Now here is a shocking stat, I really have a hard time believing it myself but I guess the numbers don’t lie.  Brace yourself for the unbelievable truth: guys like to look at porn on the Internet.

The weekend is almost upon us and many will perhaps have an adult beverage over the course of it.  Here’s a guide to let you know what your drink says about you .

Speaking of drinking, and not sure why anyone would ever want to do this, but if so here are 8 ways to assure you’ll fail a sobriety test

Summer TV time is here and while most of the shows we always watch are on hiatus, there are some new ones which will come out.  To help you allocate your viewing time, here is a guide to Summer TV.

The inspiration for this week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames: 19 Hottest British Babes

Friday Ramblings  - Times like these, when the Brewers are sucking wind, is when you really miss Bob Uecker on the radio broadcast.  When the team is preforming poorly, Uecker always has a way to turn up his game as an entertainer to keep everyone listening. Sadly, Provus and Davey Nelson (who has been getting better behind the mic) just don’t have that charisma. :: Brewers head into Busch Stadium this weekend against the Cardinals, at this point is there any chance they get out of there with even one win? :: Hey Ted Thompson, just cut Johnny Jolly, don’t wait any longer :: I know it’s a show about dancing, but I can’t help but find myself watching So You Think You Can Dance when it’s on for one simple reason, Cat Deely is a doll.

Well folks, that’s all for this week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, the rain holds off and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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