This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is British Babes

A Kelly Brook (from Rochester, Kent, England) sort of morning.

On the strength of a quality start by Yovani Gallardo and a couple of home runs the Brewers beat the Marlins last night 7-4.  As Disciples of Uecker says in their game recap, this was the way it was supposed to be .

The Brewers Bar has some thoughts on the game as well and does mention the one area that Brewers were wanting in.  Namely that, and I quote ‘ the Brewers ran the bases like a bunch of morons early in the game ‘. 

The MLB Draft is coming up so Brew Crew Ball takes a look at some Brewers draft history from 1969 thru 1999

Echoing my thoughts from yesterday, and pretty much every Brewers fan everywhere, says The End Is Near For Jeff Suppan .  I can only hope that is true.

Chris Capuano starts tonight for the Brewers and Miller Park Drunk notes that no matter what it is a good come back story .

…and now to Johnny Jolly and Total Packers sums it up nicely: Johnny Jolly Could Be In Deeper Shit Than We Thought

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has Part 7 of their All-Time Green Bay Packer’s 53 Man Roster, this time on Packers Cornerbacks .

More on this below, but by now you’ve all heard about the blown call by Jim Joyce that took away a perfect game by Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga.  The Bucky Channel says what will be a central theme on all the baseball oriented media today: Baseball Needs Instant Replay, Immediately.

We had re-branded BP logos yesterday, today we have some British Petroleum ‘fanart’, signs, more logos and photoshops .

For everyone who either A) Doesn’t care about Soccer or B) Doesn’t care about anything outside U.S. Borders: A Xenophobe’s Guide to Hating All 31 U.S. World Cup Opponents

Visanthe Shiancoe and Darren Sharper seem to be having a little feud .

Having worked for and in Internet-related & technology companies for almost the past decade I found this to be mostly true based on my experience: What Your Email (Address) Says About Your Computer Skills

Here’s a handy guide on how to How to Start Your Own Sports Franchise

I’ve had dogs pretty much all my life and now after reading this list of Well Intentioned Ways You’re Ruining Your Dog , I sort of feel like an ass.

Wait, what?  Meet the Hot Banker Allegedly Fired Her For Being Too Hot

The 10 Hottest Athletes Who Kind of Suck at Sports

Of Jim Joyce & Class  - Alright, Jim Joyce blew the call which took away a perfect game, something which has only happened 21 times in the history of baseball.  There’s no doubt about it and it will definitely spur on the decision to expand the use of instant replay in baseball.  Now, you can say what you want about the call but I have to say that as people go, Jim Joyce is alright in my book.  Not only did Joyce, after seeing a replay of the game, admit he screwed up, he then went and apologized to Armando Galarraga for it.  When, ever, have you heard of an umpire, referee or any type of official go to these lengths to try and right a wrong?  Pretty sure never.  So while the umpire Jim Joyce may be a goat this morning, the man Jim Joyce is a class act.

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  • Chris

    Spot on about Joyce. A horrible call, but a class move afterwords. If you believe people are flawed and prone to error but redemption rests in a repentant desire to improve, then Jim Joyce is a man with spirit and soul.

    Sadly, that doesn’t do much to help Galarraga place in the history books, but to his credit the pitcher responded with dignity and class. I doubt that I would have done as well under the circumstances.

  • burniebrewer

    Is this gonna be a case of getting the league office to review the call in an effort to get the call overturned?

    Didn’t the Brewers try to do that for C.C. in his one-hitter at Pittsburgh?

  • Jon

    My solution is to allow ech manager one replay challenge per game…the challenge cannot occur on a ball/strike call.

  • Chris

    Good idea, Jon!