This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is British Babes

A Kate Beckinsale (from Finsbury Park, London, England) sort of morning.

Brewers pitcher Dave Bush started shaky, then calmed down and it was actually a game there for a while, enter Trevor Hoffman in the 7th who then gave up 3 runs.   The Brewers Bar says Hoffman Still Struggling with Control in their game recap.

Disciples of Uecker says it’s hard to blame anyone for last night’s loss.

The Bucky Channel is running out of ways to describe Brewers losses .

While Ahman Green may not be playing with the Packers this coming year, Total Packers says he may still be playing, just in the UFL and his hometown Omaha Nighthawks .

Jersey Al is back, Studying Stats and Interceptions .  I smell a series here.

Besides Tourist dollars, says there’s more we’ve gotten from Illinois – the inspiration for the Cheeshead.

Cracked Sidewalks has some Marquette Quick Links for you.

Brew Hoop has some updates for you on the NBA combine, Bogut & more .

Bucksketball is Looking for clues on the Bucks draft philosophy

These are great – 18 Hacked Digital Road Signs

In honor of Angles Kendy Morales breaking his leg during a grand slam celebration over the weekend: Kendry Morales and the 10 Weirdest Injuries in Sports History

6 Famous Geniuses You Didn’t Know Were Perverts , huh…Mozart, sure but who knew that Einstein was that much of a man whore.

Via reader Max: Woman who walked onto highway sues Google Maps

Only a matter of time till we saw something like this, rebranding the British Petroleum logo …the Bubba Pump Shrimp Co get’s my nod.

This link’s title says it all: A Drinker’s Guide to Fictional Beers — From Duff to Romulan Ale , didn’t know Romulan Ale came in a can though.

The 66 most overrated women of 2010

Suppan’s Got Photos of Someone – Seriously, Jeff Suppan has photos of someone or some type of dirt on Macha, Melvin or Attanasio…maybe all three.  By keeping Suppan on the roster as well, much less trotting him out there to get lit up, Macha & Melvin diminish their already dwindling fan faith and good will that is left.   I get it that Suppan is a great guy, does wonderful things in the community and blah – blah – blah, he’s a liability on the field and a waste of a roster spot that could be sorely used on just about anyone at this point with an arm.

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  • burniebrewer

    Suppan somehow continues to avoid the DFA…he has to run out of luck at some point though. Between Hawkins, Davis and maybe even Riske, he’s got to go when one of these comes back, right? Right? Please?

    Detroit was able to trade Dontrelle Willis to Arizona after being DFA, maybe some sucker will send us a box of Bazooka and some sunflower seeds in return for Suppan.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    AZ was able to make the deal with Detroit because it was an exchange of two pitchers who were equally ineffective. I’m not sure there’s another pitcher around who’s been as consistently bad as Suppan.