This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is British Babes

A Cheryl Cole (née Tweedy, from Newcastle upon Tyne, England) sort of morning.

Yesterday’s Brewers Memorial Day Game was somewhat memorable, in that it would be easy to remember as we’ve seen the same thing all year.  Chris Narveson was strong until the dreaded 6th inning, erasing a 4 run lead the ‘Crew had and you know the rest of the story.  Brew Crew Ball has a recap for you here if you feel like reliving the pain.

The Brewers Bar has The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of May

Brewers pitcher Kameron Loe is getting the call up to the Big Club, joining them today in Florida.  The main quesitons is what will happen to make room for Loe on the active roster.  Disciples of Uecker has more on that and more on Loe as well.

Quevedo at the Buffet says it’s time for Jeff Suppan to go ….couldn’t agree more and with call up of Loe it should happen, not saying it will but should.

Bernie’s Chalet Welcomes Chris Capuano back to the Show .  I don’t know how anyone can’t be pulling for Cappy, great story and hopefully a boost for the pitching staff.

Aaron at Cheesehead TV took some time this weekend to share his thoughts on McCarthy’s Masterful Use of Personnel …his words not mine although I don’t disagree. gets an early start in the Fantasy Football area, taking a look at Aaron Rodger’s & Ryan Grants Fantasy Values .

Ol’ Bag of Donuts has Part 6 of their All-Time Green Bay Packer’s 53 Man Roster , focusing on the defensive secondary this time around.

The Packers have been looking for community and fan input on some proposed changes to and around Lambeau Field.  The Bucky Channel has a nice round up of those proposed changes .

Like me, I am sure many of you fired up the grill at least once this weekend.  Here’s some more help with your Summer grilling plans – Making the Perfect Burger .

Speaking of grilling, there are other options besides burgers, brats and dogs, here are 5 things to grill beyond those options .

While hitting the beach around these parts isn’t as popular as other places, going camping seems to be more popular, here are 25 Ridiculous Beach Photos

so yeah…these I always wonder about so Uproxx breaks them down, sort of like the TV sitcom adage fat guy/hot skinny wife/girlfriend: Sexy Celebrities with Ugly Significant Others: A Field Guide

I am a self-admitted gadget geek so this list of the Top 10 Tech Gadgets was a must read for me.

The community service post for today: 6 Innovative First Date Ideas .

The 20 Hottest Hockey WAG’s

Programming & Other Notes  - Due to some bad planning on my part and also the short week, there won’t be a Thursday Q & A this week as I forgot to line up a guest.  The Thursday Q & A will return next week though.  ::  What a beautiful weekend here in the Green Bay area for the long weekend.  A little hot on Sunday but still all in all bearable.  I hope everyone had a chance to get out and spend some time with friends & family ::  Not to beat a dead horse, but if Suppan remains on this team Melvin is not doing his job, clear and simple.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens today in regards to that. ::  Here’s a good, short week for everyone!

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