This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Dancing with the Stars

A Shandi Finnessey (Season 4 DTWS Cast) sort of morning.

Programming Note: There may or may not be a full Daybreak Doppler on Monday, Memorial Day.  No matter what we’ll be back full force on Tuesday.

It wasn’t a satisfying win to many, but it was still a win and the first series Brewers win at home since the opening series against the Rockies.  Much of the consternation about the game was how it was handled by the Brewers managers, of which Diciples of Uecker has a few word about.

To continue the theme of bashing, not unwarranted mind you, the Brewers managers The Brewers Bar expounds on The Stupid Tendencies of Managers

Someone on Twitter (sorry, can’t remember who) said that Brewers OF Adam Stern should just camp out at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport with all the yo-yoing he’s been doing between Triple-A and the Big Club.  Brew Crew Ball let’s informs us that at least Stern has been flying first class .

Brewed Sports on Jake Peavy’s defense of Trevor Hoffman and the return of Hoffman to the closer’s role…(que sad trombone).

So while most have been in favor of the NY/NJ Super Bowl, there has been some contention and also some serious concerns.  Chief among them is cheerleaders having to wear pants .

Acme Packing Company breaks down the Packers Running Backs .

Total Packers on the likelihood of the NFL Regular Season expanding.   Best part of this?  Two less weeks of meaningless pre-season games.

Courtside Analyst shares some..well, analysis on Marginal Win Scores.

More on yesterdays topic/link about Umps/Refs not checking their egos at the door .

Pole Vaulting is a sport which was born out of the necessity of ancient man’s desire to traverse natural obstacles by using a pole to pass over them.  Today, pole vaulting attracts some of most talented athletes in the….ugh, I can’t make anything else up so here is the link, I think the title sums it up: The Ass-entials of Pole Vaulting .

These are all so, so true: Cliches that Make You Want To Punch Someone In The Face …one of those is unfortunately in my lexicon, guess I better quit using it.

16 Things Learned From Movies and TV …so true ‘Big guys can have hot wives and girlfriends’.

Besides being able to score a hot tv wife/girlfriend, there are other benefits to being a large man .

This weekend is the unofficial start of Summer, which is great for many reasons.  However, Summer isn’t all bikinis, ballgames and outdoor beer drinking: The 10 Worst Things About Summer

I thought ChatRoulette had went the way way of MySpace or but I guess it’s still around, as evidenced by these (admittedly) humorous screenshots

The 50 Hottest World Cup WAGs of All-Time

Memorialize the Day – As I said above, this weekend marks the unofficial start of Summer and a long weekend for most.  For me, it is also the weekend where I will retire the American Flag I bought last year during this weekend and get a new one.  Getting a new American Flag each Memorial Day weekend has become a tradition of mine and is how I try to appreciate those that have fought and died protecting that very flag. So between the cookouts, the family time and the ballgames do take a moment to give respect to those for whom Memorial Day is for, even if it just going out and getting a new flag.

Everyone have a fantastic, and safe, long weekend and we’ll see back here next week.

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