This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Dancing with the Stars

A (young) Shannon Elizabeth (Season 6 DTWS Cast) sort of morning.

Check back this afternoon for our weekly Thursday Q & A.  This week’s guest is Bart, aka ‘Winks’ from The Bucky Channel.

If anyone was wondering whether or not the comments made by Houston pitcher Roy Oswalt about wanting to be traded would prove a distraction got their answer last night, as the Astros beat the Brewers 5-0.  The Brewers Bar has game notes as well as thoughts on Trevor Hoffman returing to the closer role.

It would appear that Brewers catcher Greg Zaun’s stint on the DL will be increased… for the entire season.  Right Field Bleachers says that the youth movement now in the catchers role for the Brewers isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Wisconsin Sports Tap has your weekly (or is it bi-weekly, I forget) Brewers Farm Report .

Taking Ken Macha to task, Disciples of Uecker discusses Negativism And Poppycock

Bernie’s Crew is on to something here, especially after watching that ass of an ump go after Dave Bush last Friday night: Time for Umps to be disciplined

Jersey Al’s back from his hiatus and has some  thoughts on Packers Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers’ recent comments on Red Zone Defense. is wondering how Tavaris Jackson feels about all of this #4 surgery talk, someone give him a hug already.

Part 5 of Ol’ Bag of Donuts All-Time Packers 53-man Roster .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has some Badger news and notes for your perusal.

Cracked Sidewalks has a nice round up of Marquette links and news for you Golden Eagles fans out there.

For those college seniors graduating or those just looking perhaps for a career change (*cough – Nagler – cough*), a handy flowchart to help determine What Sports Media Job Is Best For You?

Maria Sharapova vs Venus Williams …the wardrobe battle, you can pretty much figure out who wins but it’s still worth looking at.

6 Reasons Space Travel Will Always Suck , can cross a couple things of my make believe bucket list now I guess.

OK, I don’t want it thought that I don’t think that the whole BP oil leak/spill happening in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t a horrible, horrible thing because it is.  That being said, these Highlights From The Unofficial BP Twitter Feed  are pretty funny.

7 Bizarre, Yet True, Corporate Origin Stories …and yes, Coke did have actual cocaine in it at first but it was mixed with wine so I guess that made it OK.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Team Portugal WAGs

Super Bowl in Green Bay  - Now that NY/NJ has been awarded the 2014 Super Bowl it pretty much has every Packer fan in the world wondering about a Super Bowl in Green Bay. As much as I would think it would be cool (no pun intended), it’ll never happen and for good reason.  Let’s face it, Green Bay is a small city in the grand scheme of things.  If people complained about having nothing to do in Detroit the year the Super Bowl was there I can just imagine what the comments will be if it’s held in Green Bay.  The most historic stadium in the league and our solid ‘midwest friendliness’ will only go so far when people get tired of hanging out at the Stadium View.  Then the logistics…every hotel worth staying in within 50 miles of Green Bay is booked up just for regular home games.  When Jacksonville hosted the Super Bowl they had to bring in cruise ships to accommodate all the people. I am pretty sure no one is going to want to sleep on a boat moored on the Fox River in February in Wisconsin.  While a Super Bowl in Green Bay would be great, the hoopla that surrounds the Super Bowl would be a nightmare in this town.

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