This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Dancing with the Stars

A Nicole Scherzinger (Season 10 Winner) sort of morning.

As the title of this post says, we got to see something as rare as a Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster sighting – a 7 inning appearance by a Brewers starting pitcher.  Randy Wolf pitched 7 scoreless and the Brewers won at home, something also rare this season, 6-1 over the Astros.  The Brewers Bar has more on the game for you here. says that this 6 game home-stand (posted prior to last night’s game) needs to be a launching pad for the remainder of the season .

The Bucky Channel says the Brewers are now on a Winning Streak , which I suppose is technically true.

Wisconsin Sports Tab makes the correlation between the movie Major League and the 2010 Brewers.

Wow, a little surprised to not see Prince Fielder on this list of 5 Impact MLB Players That Will Be Traded By The Deadline .

Aaron at Cheesehead TV has a counter point piece, sort of, to the Packers Lounge article on Greg Jennings posted earlier this week.  While Aaron doesn’t entirely agree with Alex, he does say that Jennings Needs to Focus Starting Now .

The 2014 Super Bowl was awarded to New York (New Jersey actually).  While this is great and opens up the possibility of more cold weather Super Bowls, Total Packers says don’t get too excited about seeing it in Green Bay anytime soon .

Bucksketball keeps up with their NBA Draft preview, this time focusing on every one’s favorite draft buzzword, Upside .

This list of the The Funniest Kids Test Answers Of All Time  is pretty amusing, for example – Q: Briefly explain what hard water is. A: Ice.

You know, I didn’t even watch this show but feel compelled to be posting links about it for those you that did…I’m a helluva guy: A List of Unanswered ‘Lost’ Questions

Yeah, this title sums the piece up nicely: The Idiots Responsible for the BP Oil Leak Disaster

Simon Cowell will end his run with American Idol tonight (one of the worst season ever, btw), here’s a list of people to replace him with .

Some NSFW language here but a still entertaining list from Holy Taco on the 6 Things Your Girlfriend Lies To You About .

Ugh…I’ll be turning 40 later this Summer and frankly, this list of Signs You’re Getting Older hit a little too close to home.

Top 10 Epic Battles in the Movies , can’t find fault with any of these choices.

Top 10 WAGs of Italy

A Turnaround Looming?  - I’ve been pretty down on the Brewers here in this space of late so it’s time for a little positivity.  I understand that a win against the Astros, of all teams, isn’t an earth shattering triumph, but they always say you’re suppose to beat the bad teams and that’s what the Brewers did yesterday.  If they can get some confidence back in this series and then next against the Mets, perhaps they can turn the season around.  I’m under no illusion of some sort of miraculous playoff run here but just asking for some entertaining and competitive baseball to hear and watch.  After the way this season started, I would call a .500 season a win.

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  • Alex

    Really surprised Fielder is not on that list. I too would like to at least have a full season of mediocrity at this point.

  • http://mike BigSnakeMan

    The Packers are suddenly this good that fans don’t have anyone better to pick on than Greg Jennings? Really?! Granted, all of the Packers receivers had too many drops and Jennings, as the most prominent among them should come in for his share of criticism. But to pick out a few plays in a season and suggest a lack of focus on his part is a bit of a stretch. I’d be willing to bet that you could do that with any player. I’m not suggesting that Jennings should be immune from critique, but anyone looking for issues on the Packers should be able to find bigger fish to fry.