This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Dancing with the Stars

A Joanna Krupa (Season 9 DWTS cast) sort of morning.

It was an off day for the Brewers yesterday so no game to talk about.  Disciples of Uecker took the time off to take a look at Trevor Hoffman’s appearance on Sunday and is wondering if anything has changed ?

I think I have been pretty clear on my position on Ken Macha.  I don’t think he’s the root of all evil as it comes to the Brewers but I do think he is part of the problem and should be gone.  The Brewers Bar says that the Window to Fire Macha is Closing Quickly .

Speaking of Hoffman, Miller Park Drunk wonders if he is the Smoke Monster from Lost?

Archie Manning’s Bastards took a game of the Twins/Brewers series this weekend and some thoughts to share on Target Field and other things .

i94 Sports says that the only thing the Brewers can count on right now is the bat of Casey McGehee …they’re right too.

ACME Packing Company takes a look at the Packers Offensive Line

Is Greg Jennings just ‘another guy’?  Packers Lounge seems to think so and I while I don’t entirely agree, I see some of his points as valid.

As I’m sure you all know, and I didn’t bother even mentioning it yesterday, Favre had surgery on his ankle last week which pretty much guarantees he’ll be back.  Darren Sharper, never one to be shy, basically says that X Marks the spot as to how he plans on playing against the Vikings QB this year.

I couldn’t embellish this title if I wanted: NBA Fines Barack Obama $100K for Speaking Publicly About Lebron

I think of the World Cup like I do the Olympics, it only happens once every 4 years so I feel obligated to care about it.  That being said, I like many of you may need a refresher course on the teams, match-ups & stories to watch, to help out here are 50 Burning Questions for the 2010 FIFA World Cup 

It’s stuff like this that make following Stacy Kiebler on twitter worth it.

Our public service announcement for the day: 9 Things every guy should always have in his wallet .

It’s National Boat Safety Week so here are the 25 Best Boat Name Puns

Three alternate endings to Lost , from the Jimmy Kimmel special on Sunday.

Lost is done, most shows have or will be showing their season finales this week so what should you do with all that extra time?  To help out, here’s a handy list of things to do during TV’s Off-season .

Babes of the 2010 French Open

A Stay of Execution  - Looking at the upcoming schedule for the Brewers – a 3 game set against the Astros and then a weekend series against the Mets, Macha may very well be able to if not save at least postpone the loss of his job.  The Astros are the Astros so the Brew Crew should get at least a series win and the Mets are so hit and miss who knows what will happen there.  Of course all of these games are at Miller Park and if it was a year ago I would say this should be an easy call – this year all bets are off.  If the opposite of what happens above occurs with losing both series at home I would say a change will definitely be in the win.

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