This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss USA

An Audrey Moore ( Miss Alabama USA ) sort of morning.

The Brewers, and their fans, got a much needed win last night against the Pirates.  As Disciples of Uecker says in their recap , it’s hard to get too excited about this but I will still take a W over an L any day.

Miller Park Drunk, our Thursday Q & A guest from yesterday, has a little Q & A/discussion with Al from Al’s Ramblings.

Brewers catcher Greg Zaun will be headed to the DL  and Jonathan Lucroy called up from Nashville.  This should actually be pretty interesting as a lot of us have been waiting to see what both Lucroy can do as well as Kotteras, now in an expanded role.

Wisconsin Sports Tap is calling for the firing of Ken Macha .  Couldn’t agree more with this statement: “…what it comes down to is this: firing Ken Macha won’t make this team worse.”

This is a must read piece by Jen Lada of Fox 6 in Milwaukee on her experience at the recent MACC Fund event  which Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was a guest at.  If you don’t have more respect/like for Aaron Rodgers after reading this, you my friend are a robot.

Holly over at takes a look at the 2010 Bears, the title of the piece sums it up nicely: The Bears Are “Better on Paper.” Whatever.

Jersey Al has his take on the changes like Pickett to DE & Raji to NT and others that were unveiled during the Packers recent OTAs .

Total Packers on the maturation process of Packers TE Jermichael Finley . has a breakdown of all the various NBA Mock Drafts out there, post Lottery .

Lost will be ending this weekend on Sunday and I guess it’s a big deal as from what I heard a lot of people watch that show.  So for those not wanting to watch it alone: How to find a Lost party in your hometown – and what to do when you find it

So the London 2012 Olympic Mascots were introduced and…I have no idea what the hell these things are.  In honor of Wenlock & Mandeville, The 10 Most Ridiculous Mascots of All Time .

The 7 Greatest Game Show Gimmicks , who can forget ‘Big Bucks, No Whammies!’

Star Wars geek fun: The Bounty Hunters of Empire Strikes Back .

Wait, what? Man Tries to Trade Baby for Beer , two beers?  You would think a real live baby would at least score you a six pack of something nice.

Our public service announcement for today: How To Take An Awesome Nap

The 20 Sexiest Women Who Don’t Speak English

Friday Ramblings  - If you’re a Lost fan and will be looking for something to fill that void in your life once it’s gone, I would highly recommend latching on to Fringe if you’re not already watching it. After a somewhat shaky start, the show is really settling into its own. :: I am officially on the fire Ken Macha bandwagon if for no other reason he grates on me during his interviews.  Seriously, look at the God damn camera and appear as if you give a shit. :: This weekend series against the Twins for the Brewers has me worried, the Brewers never seem to fare well against the Twinkies.  If they get out of there with one win I will be surprised.

Have a great weekend which is looking to be superb weather-wise, have a cold one on the deck if so inclined (I know I plan on it) & we’ll see you back here Monday.

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