This week’s guest for the Thursday Q & A is Vince from Miller Park Drunk.   With the way the Brewers have been playing of late, I thought a little levity would be in order. 

So….Miller Park Drunk, it would be pretty easy to guess at where the blog’s name came from but maybe there’s a hidden, deeper meaning or something behind it.  Or is it just the obvious?

I don’t think that I have to tell you that Arthur Miller wrote Death of a Salesman and surely you are familiar with Mungo Park, the famous Danish theatre that has been so important in the rebirth of Danish theatre and… yeah, it’s just what you think it is. I thought about starting a Brewers blog and I didn’t want to do the whole “Player Name/Clever Title” thing and I was thinking of names and Miller Park Drunk is the one that stuck. I like it.

You have a somewhat unique spot in the Brewer Blog pantheon.  What was the impetus to start a Brewers blog, that wasn’t just about the Brewers?

I wanted to write a Brewers blog, but I didn’t want it to be like any of the other ones. Honestly, there are people much smarter and much more qualified than me to write statistical analysis and game recaps. I wanted to do more about tailgating and “voice of the fan” type things where I would be able to say “Jason Kendall is scary looking” and “I actually drank a lot before this game and tried to eat for the cycle .” Which, to me, there is something very uniquely Milwaukee about being able to write about tailgating, but it wasn’t too long after starting the site that I realized that there was only so much you could say about tailgating and that there was only so much credibility that a blog named Miller Park Drunk would ever get and decided to just start saying whatever I felt like. Occasionally that has absolutely nothing to do with the Brewers.

I think one of my favorite pieces of yours was the How to start a fire in a charcoal grill   from last Summer.  How do you go about coming up with ideas for content? 

Well, that actually happened. I went to a game with a girl I know and her boyfriend did not know how to start a fire in a charcoal grill. I couldn’t possibly say anything about it at the time, but I had a hard time getting the taste of that lighter fluid out of my mouth and I felt like there are probably a lot of people out there who actually don’t know how to do this and that I should help them (and make fun of them). Sometimes it’s as easy as that.

Other times I’ll read the Frosty Mug at Brew Crew Ball just to get a handle on what people are talking about and go from there, but most of my very best ideas come in the shower when I am drinking a beer. Some people think this is weird, but there is something about the hot water and the cold light beer that is so invigorating.

In addition to your humorous posts, you also do post what I would call more traditional Brewers Blog material about the team and players. What’s your general opinion of the team so far this season? 

That’s when the Brewers fan in me definitely comes out. I don’t like to do “traditional baseball team blog” posts, but sometimes numbers are the only way you can express certain things. That’s kind of been the story of the season so far. The pitching hasn’t been good, but it’s also been unlucky. It’d help if any of the pitchers could make it past the fifth or sixth inning at least once a week, that’s for sure. I still haven’t completely given up on the season yet because they really aren’t this bad and at some point they are going to get lucky, but it’s not what I’d call fun right now.

I’ve had an idea for a story for a while now about how there are really two Brewers teams this season. One is absolutely hopeless, we saw them play in the first two games of the Phillies series. They can’t get anyone out and they can’t get a hit in an important part of the game. The other we saw a small glimpse of on Sunday, but they mainly just choose to show up in Arizona or Pittsburgh. I’d like to think the real team is somewhere in the middle.

Wally: yeah, my Uncle Mike and I, after a round of golf and enjoying a ‘cool down’ beer on Sunday, both agreed this team can’t be as bad as they are showing right now.  As you said above, there is a certain amount of Jekyll and Hyde with this team.

Ken Macha: Dead Man Walking?

It’s really their only move which sucks for Ken Macha. They’d be dumb to fire Doug Melvin, they can’t fire Rick Peterson because they just hired him, I can’t think of a trade they’d make that would change things and there is no big time impact player in the minors they can call up. If they want to shake things up, they have to fire Ken Macha.

Wally: I agree, Macha will end up being the sacrificial lamb before too long if the club keeps playing the way they are.

This will be a hot button topic all season, more so if the current Brewers skid keeps going, but what do you think should be done with Prince Fielder?  Trade him or try to keep him?

From a fan standpoint, I’d like to see him stick around because he’s a cool guy to have on the team and I already own his jersey so it’d suck not being able to wear that anymore.

Unfortunately, there is money involved and I just don’t think that signing him makes any sense in the long run. The Brewers are always going to be pushing it at around a $100m payroll and you can’t pay one guy 1/4 of that. (And if you were going to, you should save it for Braun in 2015.)

I’m sure Doug will listen to offers, but the Brewers would have to be pretty far out of it and the offer would have to really be good to make anything happen during the season. Too bad this won’t stop every blog on the internet from writing about it 50 times.

Any ideas for promotions the club can run to attract fans to watch a team that seem incapable of winning at home…?

Singles night ? Outside of 10 cent beer night (which would never, ever happen), I can’t think of anything that would sell more tickets than they’re already selling. Maybe “the other team has to wear the Pirates uniforms” night?

What is the best place to drink/eat at Miller Park?

I like to drink Spotted Cow so I normally head to Fridays to get a few of those. As far as food goes, you really can’t beat the loaded baked potatoes. I normally go with the chipotle chicken. 

Before we get to the lighting round, I’ll ask my normal ‘mentor’ question – What advice would you give to sports bloggers (or bloggers in general) as it relates to starting or maintaining their blogs?

Just try to be different. That doesn’t mean “make a lot of inappropriate jokes”, it means to just do something in a different way. Just because every game recap you’ve ever read is written one way doesn’t mean that you have to write yours that way. Everyone has an opinion, you have to make yours stand out from the rest even if it’s the same as everybody else’s.

Wally: Thanks for the comment on the inappropriate jokes.  I think that’s a pitfall that is very easy to fall in especially if you look at some of the bigger sports blogs, dropping f-bombs liberally for comic effect when in all actuality it just comes off as crude to anyone with a higher than 8 th grade maturity.  I’m no Pollyanna when it comes to language, much to my chagrin when my kids say things they heard their father say, but feel using it to try and be funny versus having your actual content funny is just a waste of space.  You’re a good example of someone who writes great, comedic content and occasionally drop an f-bomb or something to augment that, but not as a means to an end.

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite Brewers player is:

Paul Molitor. 

Your favorite Brewers blog to read that is not named Miller Park Drunk is:

Al’s Ramblings . He often says things regarding the Brewers that I hadn’t even thought of and then they quickly end up becoming true. He’s clever, that one. He also says “Oof” a lot.

If there were no Brewers, you would have a blog about:


If you were a pro baseball player, your position would be:

5th outfielder.

Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a _____________ for taking the time to answer these questions.

Hooker. Preferably Asian.

Thank you very much to Vince for joining us for this week’s installment of Thursday Q & A.  Make sure to head over to to keep a sense of humor about the Brewers as it may be a very long Summer.


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